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Ramona arrived at the practice field before Cypher and the others. A dark robed figure was clutching a girl by the skull, but was fending off attacks from Solana. She charged ahead, her hammer ready to strike at the figure, but the person flicked their wrist, and a dark azure orb blew both her and Solana away.

"Get in."

Ramona turned and saw a Yuki holding her force-field, a small hole open to let her in. Ramona grabbed Solana and rushed into the safety of the force-field. Solana was in bad shape. She was bruised and battered.

Ramona then took a look at the dark figure. She couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, but the young girl she (Holders can only be women) held by the face was easily identified. She was a first year student named Hannah. She was a pretty girl with blonde hair, but now, a sort of black ink was spreading across her face and body, coming from the figures fingers.

Whatever was happening, it wasn't good.

Ramona turned and saw Cypher running towards force-field. He held out his hand, and suddenly Solana was gone from her lap. In Cyphers place, someone else was there. A person that looked like Cypher, but also Solana, which was weird because they're twins. The person wore an armored silver jacket, his (or her) hair was frosted white, and his eyes glowed white.

The dark robed figure let go of poor Hannah, who fell back but didn't move.

The dark figure looked at the bright person.

"So, Azura. You've finally shown yourself to me."

Ramona couldn't tell if the dark figures voice was a man or woman.

"You should not have returned."

The bright person, Azura, sounded like Cypher and Solana were taking at the same time.

"This will be fun for us Azura. Remember when we fought for centuries. When was the last time? The war?"

"Silence Zira. You killed too many innocents."

"Did you care about them? I don't remember you caring. How interesting. Are your hosts affecting your morals?"


Azura summoned a huge scythe and swung at Zira, a flash of light blinding Ramona.

The fight went on, by nobody could see it due to the flashing lights.

Eventually, the flashes subsided, and Azura and Zira stopped fighting, both exhausted.

"This is not the last you see of me, Azura."

"I pray I don't see you for hundred years."

"Sorry, but that's a no can do."

And with that, Zira vanished.

Azura, collapsed to the ground. Yuki dropped the force-field and Ramona ran out. Laying there on the floor was Cypher and Solana. Ramona dropped down next to Cypher and held his hand.

"A...are you... o-kay?" Asked Cypher, weakly.

Ramona chuckled and began to cry. This guy had the absolute crap beat out of him and he was worried about her. Nobody had ever really been worried about her.

"Yeah... I'm fine."

"Good. I'd hate... If you'd been... hurt."

Ramona bent down and kissed Cypher.


Cypher closed his eyes and passed out.

Ramona has fallen in love.

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