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Cypher and Lala ran out of the Coliseum. The sky was darkening, black clouds were forming above practice field B.


Cypher looked back to see Ramona skating up, and behind her Cindra was running. Ramona caught up to Cypher.

"Hey, you might need back up. I'll go on ahead and check out what's going on."

"Alright, go on but wait for us." Cypher said.

Ramona was about to dart ahead.

"Oh, Ramona?"

"Yeah?" She asked, looking back.

"Nice to meet you."

Ramona smiled and dashed ahead. By now Cindra had caught up with Cypher and Lala.

"Hiya pretty boy! Are we headed toward the booms?"

"Yeah, my sister's there. I need to make sure she's okay."

Eventually they arrived at the practice field.

In the center of the field was girl on her knees crying in pain. Clutching her head with one hand was a dark robed person. With his/her other hand, he/she was charging a black orb azure power. The robed figure launched. It flew and hit a round white force-field. Inside the force-field was Yuki, who was holding the force-field up, a few other girls, and Ramona, who was tending to an injured girl. As Cypher ran closer, he realized the injured girl was Solana.

The black orb impacted the white dome, causing a loud explosion. Inside, Yuki was straining to power the force-field.

What is it you desire?

The voice spoke in Cyphers head.

I... I want to save them.

You would waste your power to save those weaker?

Of course. That is what power is for. Isn't it?

Hmm... Interesting. Very well, you may go to her. She needs you. Defeat my enemy.

Cypher ran toward the force-field, reaching out. He made eye contact with his sister, then felt he passed out.











Cypher woke up slowly. His body was sore and in pain. He opened his eyes and saw he was in the infirmary. On the bed next to him, Solana was sitting up, reading a book. She was bandaged all over her body. In the same places he was, he noticed.

"Wha... What happened?" Cypher asked.

He then noticed her hair was darker. Solana closed her book and turned to him. There was a bandage across her eye.

"We did it again. We fused."

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