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"You know, she really is, like, super hot!"
"I know, Lala, and I'm still in shock from that kiss."

Lala and Cypher sat in the stands of the Coliseum, watching a match between Cindra and a girl named Ramona. It was an action packed fight, with Cindra and her fiery punches, along with Ramona and her Azure inline skates and Hammer. Ramona dashed along, slamming her hammer down on Cindra, who didn't dodge, but just punched the hammer back.

"Oh come on Cypher. It's been three days! Get over it."

"I know, Lala, I know. It's just..."

"Just what?"

"I've never had a girlfriend before..."

"Haha, wow!"


Lala turned to face Cypher, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Look, one kiss doesn't mean you two are dating. In fact, all it's going to do is get other girls jealous and make them try to get in between you two."

"Is that really how it works?"

"Oh yeah. In fact, that's why those two are fighting."

Cypher looked back at the fight. Ramona was skating around Cindra quickly, swinging her hammer. Cindra blocked her blows and tried to punch back, but Ramona was too quick.

"Wait... They're fighting over me?!"

"Yeah, your suuuuper lucky. I'd do anything for a sexy, blue-haired chick like Ramona."

Ramona charged at Cindra. She swung her hammer down at her, but Cindra simply jumped backward, dodging for once. Ramona smirked as her hammer impacted the floor. Using the momentum, and her hammer like a pole, she pole-vaulted up and over Cindra, and kicked her in the face with her skate.

"Wow! She's really good." Said Cypher.

He turned to look at Lala, who was leaning forward, a dreamy look on her face.

"Uh, Lala? You should close your mouth. Your drooling a bit."

Suddenly, a loud and distant boom caught everyone's attention.


Everyone stopped to listen to the announcement, but Cypher realized something. He jumped over his chair and ran to the exit.

"Hey! Where 'ya going?" Lala asked as she jumped up to follow.

"Practice field B."

"What? Why? That's the place we need to avoid."

Another explosion echoed across the campus, coming from the field.

"Because, Lala," Cypher ran, "that's where Solana's at."

To be continued soon...

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