Battle of Belgera, part ten

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Harbend ushered Arthur inside a room where Escha already waited.

"We are leaving."

Arthur stared at his friend. Hardly explanation enough for what was happening. Behind them he could hear running feet closing, and he had a brief moment to wonder who had followed them through the maze of corridors before Harbend spoke again.

"Can you jump us from here?"

"I can," Escha answered with a calmness sounding very much out of place in the madness the city had become.

Arthur stared at the men in bewilderment.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"As I said, we are leaving."

"Not without me!" a female voice called. Chaijrild, it was Chaijrild who had followed them. She was the last additional disturbance Arthur needed at the moment.

"Keep her out of this!" Harbend said. "We have to leave the city. Neritan's orders."


"Do you care to question her reasons to her face?"

"I'll bloody question anyone I want! That's people from Earth out there. Makes it my problem." I can Weave the damn troops into submission. I have to try. Arthur made as if to leave, but Harbend held him fast. "Let go of me, damn you!" Arthur yelled and started to break away from Harbend's arms. The trader was simply too small to resist Arthur's heavier build.

"Escha, can you jump us to a Magehealer?" Harbend asked between heavy breaths, but he never let go of his hold.

Arthur saw Escha's face over Harbend's shoulder, an expression of grim determination growing.

"I can. Do what you must."

Harbend's grip broke and Arthur started to turn. Then there was only a fiery pain spreading from his stomach. He looked down at the dagger where Harbend had stabbed him. The trader twisted the dagger. There was a shrill scream from the doorway. There was darkness.

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