Homecoming, part five

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Harbend de Garak?

Harbend wheeled, but there was no one there.

Harbend de Garak? The voice, no, not voice, but thought came to his mind as if placed there. Ah, Neritan. She was sending him a message.

"What do you want?" he said to the wall in his cabin.

The caravan is safe. It was an enemy of Arthur's who attacked. It's been taken care of. I'll accompany the caravan back to Erkateren. You should greet your woman there.

The presence was reassuring, but Harbend still had questions. Neritan must have known it, bridging the gap between Belgera and the Narrow Sea, and she continued. Outworlder soldiers took care of outworlder problems. Arthur's no longer hunted by his own. Tell him as much. Be careful when you arrive at home. The Council of Twelve knows much more than I can tell you.

Harbend chose not to make any more questions. He didn't know how the golden mage could have found him here, and he didn't dare to aggravate her by asking. Knowing the caravan was safe, that Nakora was safe had to be enough.

Harbend smiled as the presence vanished. Now only returning home remained, and at least this last leg of his journey he could spend without worries.

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