Battle of Belgera, part three

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They weren't well armed, but the devil spawn were everywhere.

Hua Chang ducked another quarrel and returned the favor with a burst of needle grenades.

Damn the bastards! Didn't they understand they didn't have a chance with ancient weaponry against automatic weapons? As if leather armor would do them any good!

Idiots! They were fools all of them, just like his relatives back in China, destroyed in the last rebellion to fail bringing the nation back into the federation.

He, at least, was fighting on the winning side this time. Not like his father taking part in the incessant wars liberating or forcing Beijing back and forth from the folds of the Terran Federation almost every generation. Currently it was Free China, and maybe it would be again when he was old. The endless cycle of liberal rule and stark oppression revolved since over a century with thousands killed each turn, and Hua, long since disgusted with the never ending wars, for the first time fought for something that promised personal gain. Not a grave benefiting but the few who ordered the peasants to attack the city, or the other way around depending on if Beijing was breaking away or not.

Something came his way. A spear this time. Curse the fools!

Hua strapped a crowd buster to his launcher. He liked killing defenseless humans no more than anyone else, but sooner or later someone would get in a lucky shot.

The wall, behind the corner. High explosive shrapnel. Dirty weapon, but it would do the job. He aimed. He fired.

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