Change of plans, part seven

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Halfway into the play the motions of the actors stirred memories in him, and Arthur stumbled from their loge muttering a lie about an intensive headache caused by too much sunshine.

He found a corner where he could hide, racking in sobs. When his head cleared a little, and he was able to lock the emotions inside him again, he found the small fountain he'd seen in the foyer. It took him another few minutes to wash his face and when he returned the play was almost over.

Harbend said nothing except expressing his sympathy for Arthur's bad luck and hastily added some polite nonsense about the dangers of having a cold bath after a warm day. It was all too evident that Harbend suspected something but was also too well mannered to say anything about it, and they both spent an awkward time waiting for the play to finish.

They left quickly, only pausing to allow Harbend to exchange polite words with some dignitaries interested in the presence of an outworlder and parted ways at Arthur's hotel.

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