Renegade, part two

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Arthur bounced down onto the back of the horse again. He was used to riding, but being bound to the back of a horse was a jarring experience he never wanted to be part of again. It seemed to go on for an eternity. Time was a subjective blur of pain. Three times, at least, he'd seen darkness fall, and during the entire time he'd been allowed off the horse less than a dozen times to relieve himself. Three days then, or maybe a little more. They even slept on the horses and he was sore in a way he didn't believe possible after all the time he'd spent in a saddle the last months. There had to be an end to the torment, and from the looks of the other horsemen they seemed to be nearing it. Arthur tried to look up, but he was too tired to keep his concentration long enough to analyze the small tidbits of information he managed to scrap together, too tired and too hungry. They hadn't been fed even once during the ride.

When they finally halted he failed to notice even that. Someone untied him, but he fell asleep before he was dragged off the horse.

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