Sea of Grass, part two

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"And wing! Wing, I said, not spearhead."

Nakora sighed and rode to catch up with her soldiers. They got it wrong again.

"Wing, young Takarak, means you wait for those further back in the column when they break to form the line, or you shall be alone when you charge."

The soldier, more a boy than an adult shot her an irritated glance. Too young to accept a female commander she knew he still didn't dare to openly challenge her. Until married she was in all effects lord of the Weinak family. That legal status would vanish on her wedding night when the new lord took possession of her body as well as title. At the moment that was a minor problem.

Gods! Even mercenaries from Keen are better trained than we are.

She threw a longing gaze at Captain Laiden's troops as they routed her flanks in the mock battle.

Both sides returned to their starting positions and she had more time than she wanted to mull over her precarious command. A nagging suspicion started to take its toll of her, had for eightdays now. Would her soldiers follow her lead if the disciplined mercenaries from Keen didn't show her their respect as openly as they did?

Maybe she ought to get married after all. That left the awkward question of a suitable husband. Lord Garak? Nakora smiled. Clan lord Garak from Khi would definitely be a suitable choice, but by now she was certain he wasn't Clan lord Garak at all. A younger son perhaps. Lord, though, he was, of one kind or another, and he still held a certain attraction. That thought made her blush slightly, but met with her approval nonetheless. It made her more moral somehow. Her wants, not merely something suitable.

Is that really what I want?

She blushed again.

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