Verd, part one

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The train came to a staggering halt, waking Arthur from his uneasy slumber. He shuddered. Sleep had brought him another of the nightmares plaguing him the last half a year or so. By now he didn't even try to avoid sleeping. There was simply no escape, only a prolonged wait for the torment.

He stretched his limbs and looked outside, forcing himself to register his surroundings. They had stopped at what could at best be described as a train station. Rather than a proper platform he saw a paved road where people were milling around between carts and carriages.

Through the open windows he heard voices in the local language and the air was filled with the smell of horses and sweat. The sun had set and the scenery was lit by lamps and torches adding little light and just a bit too much smell.

Noticing that Harbend was no longer present he left the compartment. Resolve wavered and when he climbed out of the wagon he was once again immersed in his inner world of horrors, paying very little attention to the frantic chaos surrounding him.

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