The Saving

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After lunch, each member of the family went to their room and silence soon fell in the Madrigal house.

When night arrived, you opened your door slightly before checking that everyone was in their rooms.

You could only hear the sound of crickets from outside and you took the opportunity to get out of your room.

You didn't change out of your pajamas so that in case someone got up you wouldn't arouse suspicion.

You took a deep breath trying to calm your nerves before actually leaving the room in complete darkness.

You immediately felt the cold of the tiles from the bare feet of yours, in contrast to the warm wood in your room.

With light and fast steps you started to descend the stairs, checking around you from time to time with fear to wake someone of the family up, it didn't take long to get to the famous room and fast enough that familiar thrill made your bones freeze once again.

Immediately your eyes began to observe the famous door, if Camilo was there it was your duty to help him, and as soon as possible.

With a fast step you approached the doorknob of the room.

You slowly opened the door, stopping from time to time when a noise made your heart stop, mostly caused by Brunos rats, until you practically throw yourself into the room, obviously being careful to silently close the door behind you.

As soon as you got inside you immediately got used to the light and managed to distinguish the shilouette of the furniture near you, there were not many and some were covered by a sheet or by layers of dust that have deposited over the years.

Strange since no ones in the family seems to be familiar with the room in question.

There were no windows and in general it seemed a place quite abandoned to itself.

Right away you started looking for clues about Camilo's presence, even the more insignificant thing, first you went to an old desk that was set on the left side of the room.

You ran your finger across it lifting the thick layer of dust and making a look of disgust at the sight.

You didnt like dust, and you had to use all of yourself to not cought because of it, scared it would be waking someone up.

'Carlos doesn't seem to care so much about this place from outside, but then why does it seem so important to him that he dosent want no one in?if Camilo was here I should have at least heard something or saw-'

You have interrupted your flow of thoughts when you hear a soft muffled sound, like someone speaking with one hand in front of their mouth.

You followed the noise as much as you could while also decreasing the sound of your breaths until you arrived in front of what looked like a mirror covered by a sheet.

You held your breath before slowly bringing your ear to the sheet to make sure the sound was coming from there, and shortly after you heard it again, louder.

Uncertainly you quickly pulled back, mentally preparing for what you would find, maybe it was nothing but if it was Camilo you could already save him, you reached out your hand ready to pull the sheet off but missed a beat when you heard the handle creak.

Someone was about to enter.

Without thinking about it, you went and hid under the desk of before, luckily covered behind by a sheet left there probably by somone who didnt really cared to cover the forniture.

You quickly brought your legs up to your chest as you tried to adjust your breathing and trying to be as invisible as possible.

After a while the sound of the open door echoed in the room followed by a soft screeching of the door, indicating that the door had been closed.

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