Camilo Madrigal

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You were happy that the little Madrigal had obtained his talent, as indeed the whole village as they entered the little one's room, which turned out to be a jungle, in the true sense of the word, but immediately you thought of Mirabel

'I should go and check on her' you thought while climbing the stairs.

you weren't paying so much attention while by mistake you were missing one of the last steps, immediately a feeling of emptiness invaded you while You prepare for the impact, until a hand took you by the wrist and a hand was placed on your back.

You opened your eyes to meet the green ones of Camilo watching you

"woah calm down Hermosa/o, we don't want you hurt on your first day "said the Madrigal smiling as he put you back on your feet on the steps next to him.

you couldn't help but avoid his gaze as you blushed, you weren't used to be that close to people, and the compliments he was giving you didn't help, even though you knew he probably didn't really mean them but was just doing it to annoy you.

You got lost in your thoughts until Camilo approached and then snapped his fingers in front of you, you woke up from your thoughts and you jumped noticing how close the two of you were.

"THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED PERSONAL SPACE" you said while you could see Camilo with a smile.

"but how, is this how you thank your savior?" "Savior is a big word, even Casita couldve help me, right Casita?" you asked, for some tiles proved you right.

'well y / n now you're talking to a house, perfect' you thought laughing to yourself.

"Anyway, thank you mi Salvador," you said giving a kiss on the boy's cheek before going into little Antonio's room.

'why did I do that, fuck fuck fuck, now he'll think I'm weird, but why I don't think before, stupid'

You said to yourself as you put your hand in front of your face in embarrassment, You thought Camilo was a nice guy, but you didn't expect to even get to give him a kiss, after how long? Not even a day? You had no idea what got into you, but you knew you had some interest in the shape-shifting Madrigal.

On the other hand Camilo was still motionless where you left him, that move was the last thing he expected from you, also because you didn't seem the type, but he certainly wasn't sad about it.

"it seems that someone has a crush mh ? ""AH eh mama? What are you talking about?"

Camillo tried to defend himself but his mother's mischievous smile left him no way out, without expecting it Camilo was trapped in his mother's arms with no way out.

"AWWW my baby is having his first crush "" mama stop it's not like you're thinking" Camilo had no idea that at that exact moment it was redder than a tomato.

But there was nothing he could do about it, and his biggest fear was that the voice would reach his sister Dolores, he knew that if she had known everyone in the Casita would have known it too in less than an hour.

"okay okay okay, I'm interested but nothing more, I just think they're interesting" the boy said with surrender voice as he was released by his mother.

"Make sure you don't miss it then, now come celebrate Anotnio" said Pepa dragging the boy into his brother's room.


"Mirabel?" you asked seeing the girl rushing into the room, she seemed scared "Mirabel, are you okay?"

you asked putting a hand on her back.

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