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You had just finished talking with Camilo when you heard Pepa calling you.

"y / n are you ready? Carlos is waiting for you" The woman told you as she smiled warmly at you, you nodded as she walked back into the house.

You turned back to Camilo who still had an unconvinced expression.

You didn't say anything as you gave him a little kiss on the cheek before heading to where Pepa had disappeared.


As soon as you arrived at the entrance you noticed Carlos looking around with a bored air.

That is until he noticed you, and his gaze immediately turned into something different, but you couldn't quite catch what it was.

You tried not to stare at him while smiling slightly as you still felt very uncomfortable in his presence.

"ok Carlos ready to go?" you said as you positioned yourself next to him, strangely at the call of his name his face darkened slightly.

"sure" the boy answered bluntly.

You nodded slightly before starting the tour of the house, but couldn't relax feeling Carlos's gaze on you.


"And these are the family doors" you said as you passed Camilo's room.

"I understand" Carlos said as he lightly stroked the surface of the door.

you didn't say anything as you watched him, but it didn't take him long to notice your gaze, then gave you a grin in response.

You didn't know exactly how to react so you just looked away.

"and that's all, if you want to know more in detail just ask Mirabel-"

"how long have you and Camilo been together"

You didn't finish talking while trying to figure out the correlation of that question to the tour of the house.

"for a few months now..." you answered observing him while he continued to observe Camilo's door with what he seemed to you ... Envy and jelousy?

"why do you ask?"


silence, the situation was making you very uncomfortable, you felt that there was something wrong with this guy.

"and are you happy together?"

a sense of uneasiness and annoyance invaded you as you crossed your eyes with Carlos, who had come dangerously close to you, you two were face to face.

He was smiling at you.

Once you woke up from your trance you quickly moved a few steps away looking at him badly.

Now you were getting nervous.

"yes we are, now I'm sorry but I have to go to Mirabel" you said trying to get away, but a hand took your wrist stopping your run.

"why so in a hurry?" Carlos asked you making you turn towards him, a sense of panic started to invade you.

"You know, I think you should reconsider your choices" he told you as you were face to face again.

You started looking at him confusedly, but a sense of anger started to make your hand pinch.

"maybe it would be better if you left Camilo-"


Silence was the only thing that accompanied the sound of your wheezing, you were shaking with anger, and your hand was starting to ache from the impact.

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