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Your mind was exploding and everything around you was gone, you didn't have a precise thought, it was all too confused to think.

You just knew that ... Camilo was kissing you and you had no idea how to react.

Time seemed to have started to flow again when Camilo moved slightly away from you, which made you return to reality, even if you still could not understand what had happened.

Silence surrounded you while Camilo looked at you .... Terrified, probably frightened by your possible reaction to his unexpected gesture.

"I'm sorry, um, I should have asked you first-"
He started to say shaking his hands in front of him in defense but you didn't listen to him.

You recovered from your shemale and without thinking you took his face, leaving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"well it was unexpected, but pleasant so quiet"

You said hugging as it turned redder than flames, but it didn't take long to hug you back.

"AHIA-" The Madrigal screamed as he felt his right ear being pulled by you.

"but don't try to pretend to be someone else with me" you said while watching Camilo offended at the memory of when you confessed your feelings to "Mirabel"

"DESCULPA AI AI-"the boy said sorry as he tried to save his poor ear, but as soon as you heard those words you let him go.

He looked at you with a painful look, as he gently stroked his ear but in response you only sent him a little tongue before starting to laugh.


you both jumped when a series of shouts reached you two.

You looked at each other before looking out on the second floor only to see the whole Madrigal family celebrating like never before.

'why are they all here-'

you thought before you saw dolores avoid your gaze laughing.

You didn't even have the strength to answer for this betreyal as you put your hand in front of your face in embarrassment.


"GOOD WORK HIJO" Felix yelled giving a thumbs up to the boy who happily gave him a big smile.

But noticing how red you were, he didn't hesitate to make fun of you.

"awwww mi Hermosa is embarrassed, aren't you happy that they know you have this gorgeous boy by your side?"

Camilo said putting his arm around your shoulders and bringing his face close to yours.

You knew you were an embarrassed mess by now, so you sighed before turning to him and lowering your head to his shoulder to hide your face.

"I'm more than happy" you muttered into his shoulder as you heard him laugh slightly.

"but what, no attempts to embarrass me?" he replied as he took your hand and you two walked to the first floor with the rest of the family.

"hmm not today, no" you replied as you practically trapped his arm in a hug.


It had been 2 weeks now since you and Camilo were now a .... Couple yes, and you still couldn't believe it.

Word had spread quickly around the village and the family did not hesitate to comment on the two of you.

But it didn't bother you, not least because most of the time they were jokes that everyone laughed at.

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