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Bruno on the other hand, not knowing very well the situation of the two, was exulting, at least until he saw your worried face and the dark cloud around Mirabel.

"ah I knew it was too easy" he said putting his hands in his hair.

You approached Mirabel, you knew how much Isabella could be .... Irritating, but either this or the magic would die, even if it seemed too easy to solve.

But you didn't know why you had that feeling, just a hunch.
you went out of the room, many of the family had gone into the village, and the only ones present in the Casita were Luisa, Isabella, Mirabel's parents and .... Camilo.

At the thought you got sad, you just wanted to go back as before, but it wasn't that easy.

'especially if you avoid him like the plague' you thought, laughing slightly, you had decided, when Mirabel would go to Isabella's, you would go look for Camilo, or in general to clarify with the family.

You didn't notice, but Mirabel and Bruno had crouched down, spying on the flower girl's room, and immediately you crouched down next to them.

"okay so now Mirabel you go, hug your sister and poof, you save the magic" his Tio Bruno said quickly, making Mirabel's head turning towards us 2.

"woah woah in what-don't you two  come with me?" asked the girl with the glasses confused.

"Mirabel you are the one who need to hug Isabella, and Bruno and I are not in a situation that we can be seen" you said smiling at her understanding.

You would have liked to go with her, but you couldn't, and at that moment you had another priority on your mind.


“Good luck!” You said to Mirabel before she entered the room.

Bruno had already gone inside Casita's tunnels and now you were the only one left, your eyes immediately ran to Camilo's door.

But you didn't move, even if you you wanted so much to get close to that room and hug the boy, you missed him, maybe even more than you expected.

But you got an heart attack when a scream invaded the space around you.


'okay I'm not getting 30 at this point' you thought as you leaned on the handrail and looked at Casita's first floor.

The one screaming was Camilo.
'my usual luck I should say' you thought observing it hidden.

"MIRAB-eeel... MIraBeLl" what? His head had turned into a child's like before at dinner.

Something was wrong, it's not normal that he can't control his Miracle, you immediately looked at her door ... And it was flashing like Luisa's.

You and Mirabel didn't have much time, you just hoped your friend would be able to hug Isabella.
You silently tried to walk away but obviously you had to hit your side against a corner of a drawer.

'who the hell puts a bedside table in the hall' you thought, gritting you're teeth at the stinging pain.

'fuck' you thought hiding behind a nearby plant again.

Camilo had heard the noise and now he was facing you, even if you didn't see him you hoped he cloudnt see you, not to mention that his baby voice doesn't help you to stay serious.

All your previous confidence was gone and now you just wanted to vanish into the air.
Even if it really wasn't what you wanted, you turned just a little to see Camilo return his head and keep looking around, until he looked back in your direction, you doubted he could see you, but you still hid again.

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