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"aaaah my head" you said as you sat up in bed and held your head with one hand, the night before the party had lasted late, but it seemed like the music was still playing in your head, and your headache didn't help it.

'better go and ask Julieta for something to eat'

You thought while getting ready in your usual clothes before leaving your room.
As soon as you left the room, your gaze rested on Camilo's door.

'maybe he's alredy awake' you thought since he was a deep sleeper, as you get yourself towards the stairs.

"oh good morning y / n, did you sleep well?" Julieta joyfully welcomed you into the kitchen as you watched her prepare lunch.

'I didn't realize I slept so much' you thought while taking the coffee / tea / milk (anything u like to drink) kindly offered by casita.

You nodded your head as a thank you before sitting at the table.

"pretty good, but I have this headache that's killing me," you said, rubbing your head again.

"don't worry, lunch will be ready soon but there are some biscuits if you want" the woman replied while baking what looked like a cake, you smiled at her before continuing your chat, but you didn't understand why you continued to be cold from the night before, and a feeling of discomfort that hadn't left you a moment the night before.

But it was probably just from fatigue so you didn't give it too much weight.


"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" shouted Camilo whisper as he turned the mysterious room with the mirror upside down.

that morning he had woken up and wanted to talk to Carlos about ... , about Carlos, but as soon as he entered there was no sign of the other boy.

'why won't he listen to me UGH' he mentally slapped himself as he cautiously walked out of the room, checking first if there was anyone in sight.

He had to find Carlos, also because seeing how he had behaved the night before and his jokes, he was afraid of the misunderstandings he might create in the family.

And above all he did not know if Carlos, like him, had the ability to shapeshift.


"thank you very much Julieta" you thanked the woman who kindly offered you a leftover breakfast biscuit, making you pass the headache.

"no problem, but lunch will be ready soon, would you mind calling Camilo?"

"sure" you replied her smiling and leaving the kitchen.

You wasted no time and headed back up the fisrt floor to the boy's door.

"Camilo wake up, lunch its almost ready" you said as you knocked on the door, but no answer.

You kept knocking for a few minutes, and when you didn't get an answer again, you sighed.

'maybe he has already gone out' you thought walking away from the door and thinking where you could find Camilo.

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