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By now you and Camilo were out of town even if not too much, you had no idea where it was taking you but you trusted him so you didnt object when you started to enter the vegetation.

After moving yet another leaf from the path, however, you sighed.

"Camilo where are we going? We've been walking for a while now" you said, jumping over yet another branch.

The boy said nothing as he turned to you and took your hand smiling.

"we're almost there" said the boy, dragging you behind him.

You smiled slightly rolling your eyes.


It had been 5 minutes before the boy stopped and turned towards you, you made a confused face at the gesture.

"okay now you have to close your eyes"

"what?" you answered confused as you saw Camilo put his hands over your eyes.

"okay okay, as long as you don't make me go against a tree" you said laughing as Camilo dragged you until he stopped.

"okay now you can open your eyes"
And as soon as you opened them you found yourself in front of a beutiful place.

"Camilo is wonderful ... How did you find this place?"

You said as you and Camilo sat down leaning against the tree.

"when I was little I stayed out longer than I had  because I wanted to catch a beautiful butterfly, I stayed here for a while until Dolores and mama came for me.
Since then its like a secret place "

He said as he allowed a firefly to circle around him.

You could not stop looking at him, it was as if that firefly was in tune with the boy, and seeing Camilo following that little insect with sparkling eyes had made you do a blackflip to youre heart.

Unwittingly, a smile invaded you, without even thinking about it you approached while cautions, before you rested your head on the boy's shoulder.

Nothing happend for some seconds but then but after a few seconds you felt the shoulder you were resting on relax.

after a while you felt a weight on your head.

Camilo had placed his head on yours in turn, you laughed slightly at the gesture.

"hei it's not right copying my moves" you replied rolling your eyes to the sky giving a light blow with your foot to the boy's leg.

"well if you put it like this-"

It then turned into you

"like this it's as you made it" he replied, sitting up better and pulling his hair back.

"Well now you've copied me so it's not true" you replied crossing your arms with an amused look.


It had been some time and you and Camilo have continued to talk together.

You had laughed and joked while Camilo transformed into more people or while you were playing little games like little children.

Once your laughter subsided you were totally leaning against the tree, and a comfortable silence surrounded you two.

Unwittingly, the image of your father / mother appeared in your head (if you do not have a good relationship with your parents, I will be your father / mother <3) and an air of sadness has you in the jar.

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