Casita Pt. 2

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You had been looking for Mirabel for a good hour now, her name was the only audible thing in the valley and this only made you more nervous.

'I shouldn't have let her go ..' you thought as you checked behind another bush.

"and nothing again..." you whispered to yourself as you sigh, you were really worried now.

You looked around and noticed that you were the only one looking in that area, even though you could hear the screams of the people of the village.

You weren't that familiar with the place yet so not only you cloudn't find your way around well, but you had no idea where Mirabel might have gone.

You were distracted by your thoughts when you then heard a breath above your head.

"Camilo if you're trying to scare me I swear- AAAH-" immediately you jumped back when you saw that the one behind you was not Camilo but a horse. (rip Camilo)

But as a result of your scream the horse was also frightened and now you were looking at each other, you looked at him and once you understood he was not aggressive or defensive you calmed down.

You didn't say anything but you put your hand in front of you to make the animal sniff it, you didn't want to overwhelm it again so you had to earn its trust first.

You smiled when it started licking your hand.


"okay so now that we're friends how about you help me find my friend?" you were probably going crazy since you were talking to a horse, but by now you were used to do and seeing strange things.

The horse just neighed in agreement as you walked together to an inaccurate destination, not until you started hearing weird noises, it sounded like someone was falling over and over.

You got so close to some bushes and restrained yourself from laughing at the scene.

Well, you had found Bruno, but you could see how he was having trouble getting on top of another horse, who didn't seem to get along well with the man, or maybe he was just making fun of him.

"sir. Bruno, I don't think you will succeed with this method and I'm glad you are okay"

You said getting the man's attention that as a result he fall again.

"if you want to ride a horse you must I don't know ... Know the horse? I'm not an expert in these things" you said as you approached and help the man to get up.

"and how do you do that?" Bruno asked as he hesitantly approached the horse again.

"Leave it to me" you said before you started making Bruno do the same thing you did before.


"anddddd tadaaa! Did you see it?you did it!" you said proud as you put your hands on your hips and puffed out your chest while the man looked at you smiling, man, you could see that he was not used to kindness.

But you were still happy that you helped him.

"Now can you tell me why you were trying to get on this horse?" you asked, while petting the animal's muzzle.

And suddenly, as if Bruno had just saw a ghost, he jumped, nearly falling again.

"RIGHT WE HAVE TO GO TO MIRAB-eEEllL-" he tried to say before the horse started at full speed as he was frightened by the sudden confusion.

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