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'calm down y/n, what could possibly go wrong, as long as we don't lose sight of Dolores, everything should be fine' you thought as you sat next to Mirabel's father

As soon as you sat down you made eye contact with Camilo, who immediately smiled in response and greeted slightly, which you did too.

'who knows what he wanted to tell me' you thought as you began to secretly observe Dolores while you ate.

But in the exact moment that you looked away to drink you were going to choke with water, Dolores had just whispered in Camilo's ear and this had transformed into 5 different people before returning to normal or almost as you saw his asymmetrical eyes.

'oh noononono this is bad

You thought while Camilo was doing the same thing with his father.

'okay we're done' you thought seeing him spit some water, a noise then armed your attention and as soon as you lowered your head you could see a crack in the middle of the your feet

'oh no'

"pssst Mirabel!" you whispered attracting the attention of the girl and pointing to the floor, and as you her eyes opened with surprise and concern.

your attention was then attracted by the mini storm that was created due to Pepa.

'we're done'

you thought as you watched Mirabel try to speed up Isabella's proposal, you couldn't think of a way to solve it but things got worse when you saw rats take the pieces from Bruno's vision board and .... PUT THEM TOGETHER?

You didn't even think about it and immediately you got under the table to get them but as soon as they saw you they ran away and as if that weren't enough, when you tried to get up you hit the table with ur head.

"FUUuuu ... Ehm me the fork had fallen eheh sorry... "you said seeing how everyone was looking at you.

The situation, however, drastically worsened when Mirabel was trying to cover other cracks by lying on it, Luisa was crying as she tried to carry the piano and the rats had put the brown table back together on the table.

immediately you and Mirabel tried to take it, but as a result you just pushed it to Abuela.

"what ..." the wide-eyed old woman murmured, you didn't have time to do anything when the house started to crack and everyone panicked.


You all left the kitchen when many people of the village who had come for Isabella's proposal began to worry about the noise and the sight of the cracks, Abuela said how strong the magic was and she consoled the inhabitants, but when she finished the speech Abuela she then approached Mirabel (I'm not completely sticking to the film here)

"Abuela i-"

"Mirabel, I don't need your reasons, this is all your fault" she said looking down on Mirabel.

' how dare you ... Now this is too much'you

cloudnt take it anymore.

"I'm sorry but I disagree" you said positioning yourself between Mirabel and Abuela in a defensive way as your eyes fit with those of the old woman.

"I'm sorry y / n but I think this is a conversation that doesn't concern you-"

"no, Mirabel is my friend, so what happens to her affects me, it's since I arrived that many, if not all of you have dealt with Mirabel smugly, and for what? Because she doesnt have powers like you? "

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