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It was the only thing you managed to say, since a sense of unease invaded you as you looked at your partner, but the more your eyes stared at him the more you felt as if the person in front of you was not Camilo*.
(the * will be used when Carlos pretends to be Camilo)

But maybe you were just paranoid about what happend with Carlos.

You remained silent as you slowly settled down from the heart attack he gave you were before.

"er ... Camilo I looked for you, where were you?"

You asked as you hugged your arms as a shiver ran down your spine.

Camilo* kept a straight face for a few seconds before a small smile was offered to you.

"nothing, I was out to get some air"

he replied as he approached you smiling, and without warning you were wrapped in a hug.

"I see you pale, are you okay?" he asked in a voice that sounded worried but something was off about it.

You remained silent until Camilo* got Slightly away from you but keeping his hands on your shoulders, you didn't stop staring at him.


You shook your head slightly with a little smile.

"Y.. es.. Don't worry"

You answered by taking Camilo's* hand in yours, you were nervous and he could tell.

"I just need some rest"

You said closing your eyes and sighing.

Camilo* didn't say anything as he stared at you with a suspicious look, it seemed too easy that you didn't recognize him, but at the thought llhe just laughed.

"I understand" replied the boy, disguising his amused face with a 'sincere' smile

For a second you both stopped while you looked at your intertwined hands, you were thinking, and Carlos didn't understand what exacly.

You then unexpectedly closed the contact between the two of you just to place your hand in the boy's curly hair.

You didn't say anything as you gently rubbed your hand through the boy's curly hair.

They were soft as usual, so it was impossible to stop the little smile that appeared on your face.

Carlos watched you before in silence, trying to understand your actions, but didn't seem to mind at the gently gesture, he then atrted laughing slightly and took your hand in his lowering it to the level of his face, with an amused smile. A true one, this time.

"don't be like that Hermosa, my hair is hard to keep this beautiful you know?"

He responded with a little smile smile, suddenly feeling your body tense.

You still didn't say anything as you pulled your hand out of Camilos* grip, who in response tightened his grip, but it didn't hurt you, he just stood there keeping you hand like some kind of treasure but he could feel you were anxious, you took a deep breath before speaking.

"I understand, I'm sorry, anyway I think I'll go rest, okay? Call me when dinner is ready"

You stayed a second before you give Camilo* a quick kiss on the cheek and start climbing up the stairs.

On the other hand Carlos was more than suspicious about your behaviour as he saw you go away, you had fallen into his trap? Or were you just acting?at the thought he laughed slightly, arranging his hair and walking away, he started to like you even more at the thought of you trying to not get caught by him, he saw you as a little prey trying desperately to escape his grip.

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