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"miss/sir y/n try to catch us!" said a little girl with a blue dress, you and Camilo were now watching over some children of the village, but wow you didn't remember kids had so much energy.

You noticed how Camilo was looking after the rest of the children not too far from you, and was using his talent to change shape and make the little ones around him laugh, until he decided to take your shape and practically try to imitate you again.

'oh so that's how things are Madrigal, now I'll show it to you eheh'

you thought while you quickly gathered all the children.

"children, would you like to play a joke on Camilo?" "YES! " they answered in chorus hopping enthusiastically at the idea.

"perfect, then listen to me we need to ..."


"Camilooooo" a child called attracting the boy's attention.

"hey little ine, where is y / n?" he asked noticing your absence.

"sir / miss y / n went to get some water, but I wanted to show you something" said the child bringing his hands closed like an egg to Camilo.

"aw of course little one-" the child just opened the hands and revealed a small spider, which drove the Madrigal crazy, but he didn't even have time to react when he heard a voice speak, or scream better to say

"ATTACK GUYS" and immediately about 5 children jumped on the poor boy, which defenseless fell as he was being tackled.

"AAAAH WHAT IS THIS AMMUTINATION" said screaming, but still jokingly Camilo until he saw your figure laughing

"AHAHAGAJAJ OH MY GOD I CANT BREATH, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEE YOUR FACE-" you said as you you held your belly and wiped your tears,

"pff so have you learn not to use my beautiful figure for entertainment Madrigal" you said smiling at him receiving a snort.

"okay okay I don't do it anymore, now a little help?" he knew that he could transform into Luisa and take off all the children in a few seconds, but he didn't want to risk hurting themyou raised your eyes to the sky with a last inner laugh and then you approached and started to remove the children from above Camilo.

"very good children but now let him breathe "you said as you lifted the last child and were about to offer your hand to your friend.

But then you felt a little bang behind you that knocked you off balance, apparently one of the children had tripped and as a result had hit you in the back.


'fuck, but why even today I need to trip over my fee-oh no'

you thought with your eyes closed but when you opened them you found yourself not even 5 cm from Camilo's face who like you had his eyes wide open while you were seeing his face turned slightly red, you probably had the same face as his, especially when you realized that to catch you he had placed his hands on your hips ... So yes, it was a situation and position of pure embarrassment.

As soon as you woke up from your thoughts you got up like a lightning.

"I'm sorry miss / sir Y / n I didn't want to make u fall" said a child with a little bit of tears in his eyes.

"n-no no don't worry, nobody is hurt and that's what counts, isn't it Camilo? .... Camilo? " you recalled his name only to see him still lying on the ground with the same expression and a little smile.

"Camilo likes miss / sir y / n! He's smiling! " said one of the children pointing to the boy who suddenly got up at the phrase.

"miss / sir y / n do you like Camilo?" asked two little girls with sparkling eyes, you could literally see the stars coming out of their eyes.

'okay how did we end up in this situation exactly?'

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