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Go Mirabel!" you said seeing how the girl had stopped to observe the craks arrived in the village.

You awakened her from her thoughts, and just before the ladder broke you managed to cling to the side of the roof, even if only with the Bust.

"Y / N-" Mirabel screamed trying to take your hand but risking to slip, you pulled yourself up with all your strength and then heard some tiles help you.

Casita was trying in every way to help you.

"thank you Casita"

once you were both standing you approached the candle, but being the one behind you and now feeling that the house under your feet was giving up you gave Mirabel one last push.

"y / n?"

you screamed before the roof under your feet believed.

You closed your eyes hearing your name being called from afar by Mirabel.

A back pain invaded you when you felt a hard surface hit in your back.

Casita tried to save like she did with Camilo and Isabela.

You knew she was her best not to hurt you and leave you in colume, but god it hurt.

As soon as you felt the ground beneath you, you opened your eyes to see Mirabel with the miracle fall, but once again Casita has cushioned the fall.

You were about a few meters away from her when you saw the house completely collapse, both of you huddled together as furniture and pieces of the house are positioned above you two for protection, and after that the darkness has invaded the space.



"Y / N"

the family watched in horror as their beloved Casita fell apart.

But the thing that most frightened the Madrigals was Mirabel and y / n that had remained inside the structure.


"y / n"

everyone was worried, especially Julieta and Camilo.

You slowly opened your eyes to meet Mirabel's, you saw how neither one of you were hurt, Casita protected you both but immediately you watched over the candle only to see it go out and a window made its last farewell.

Caista was ... You didn't even wanted to think about it, you struggled to get up while moving a door that was used to protect you, but immediately the back pain returned, but forunetly it wasn't to much to handle, you tried to make your way to Mirabel before Julieta came.

"MI Hija!"(my daughter) the woman yelled, hugging the girl tightly, but she didn't move.

'Mirabel ...' you thought looking at her with pity.

You watched the scen in silence while you spotted Abuela not far away, you two looked at each other but Alma didn't take long to interrupt the contact, and you had a lot of things to said to her but it wasn't the moment or place to do so.

You just sighed while you tried to find a place to sit, yeah you're back wasn't this bad at the moment, but u were tired.

"OMG Y/N are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" julieta had now turned to you, you gave her a forced smile as you saw Mirabel slowly get up and go away, but you didn't say anything.

"yes don't worry, just a little back pain-"

"Y / N! " someone screamed you're name not far away.

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