Against the Old Geezer

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After I blacked out, I woke up to a room which I assumed is the informary room beside my lovers and two children who were all still unconscious

I moved my body and sat at the edge of my bed, there were currently no one in the room, I then started using a new technique I created

After sitting on the bed, I then began raising my hand upwards, it was still pretty hard to move due to the backlash of Miracle

My palms were against the ceiling, I then started sucking in the miasma of death that filled the room, after sucking it, I converted the death energy that the miasma gave off into divine energy, however, it was not even enough to recover 2% of my energy, so I first used the energy I converted to suck more miasma, then converted it to divine energy and used it to suck more and so on

After finally sucking in enough miasma to fully regenerate the energy that I used to perform the spell, I used my energy to heal my wives, I have the unique ability of copying others divinities and although not as good as them, I can still use and improve the divinities I've gained

They tackled me and hugged me asking if I was okay, I told them I wouldn't be and they awkwardly let go, laughing after they did

Just then, my subordinates arrived and kneeled in front of me, I then began to prepare the army that will once again fight heaven

This time, only the best of the best can come and luckily, we have the cyclopes and hecatoncheires who will gladly participate as they have endless malice for their father

My army consisted of only the strongest demons, numbering only 1000, the same goes for the other armies that my subordinates have gathered, Poseidon had his sea monsters

I have already put asked a temporary allegiance with gods who hate me in Olympus since the current impediment is a very dangerous one that even I am not confident to defeat

After the signing of temporary allegiance, we were currently discussing a strategy with me, Athena, Ares and Apollo, Athena and Ares being the gods of war are self explanatory and Apollo can view anything that the sunlight touches and can also view the future

We had no information about Uranus whatsoever and it seems Apollo cannot find him, he tried using his future vision to see what will happen but he failed in that

We have no information about the enemy but the enemy has information about us, no matter how you look at it, we are at a disadvantage, we may have more troops but war in this world is different, quality is prioritized more than the quantity of warriors

Even though my army was caught off guard, they are still the strongest army in the whole world, and to be reduced to such a state, his army must be equally if not stronger than mine

We continued discussing until we came up with a plan, it was for me to face Uranus directly, the allied armies will distract the army of heaven while I face Uranus, and if I successfully kill him, the army will lose their morale and we will take care of them easily

Should the case of the enemy having reinforcements, then the gods will deal with the stronger army while their armies deal with the weaker enemy army

It may seem simple but when you actually fight, you would need extraordinary abilities to actually survive

The cyclopes and hecatoncheires were currently working on the bombs and weapons of the army, they were really good, fast and efficient with their work, and good at fighting too

After I dismissed the meeting, I then went to a place that I hoped I wouldn't go, Tartaros, specifically, the torture chamber of where Zeus was currently undergoing his second punishment

Tartaros wasn't necessarily harmful to me since I've already grown a resistance to it but it still gives the feeling of discomfort, sorrow and uneasiness, as if you are going into an inescapable abyss

I dismissed those thoughts since what I had to do is of utmost importance, I then made my way to where Zeus was being tortured, he had his ribs being pulled outward from his body like that of wings, I believe this punishment was called bloody eagle from my past life, a fitting name since his animal symbol is an eagle

"*Huff* what are you *huff* doing here?" He asked after I excused the sadistic demons who were torturing him

"I've come to ask you of our grandfather" I said to him in a cold and commanding tone

"Haha, so you finally found out about him, hahahaha" he laughed maniacally like a psychopath

"Don't think I will help you after what you've put me through, eldest brother" he said as if sure that I would ask for his help

Why was he so sure, it could be because I just wanted information from him about Uranus which is the reason why I'm here in the first place

"Why are you so sure that I would ask you to aide me in the battle?" I asked him

"Huh? But aren't you desperate to gather the remaining gods that are still left?" He asked

So my hunch is correct, Uranus directly implanted part of himself into Zeus and give him doubts and paranoia about me and controlled his actions that would enrage me, but he made Zeus think that it was he himself who did those actions, but Zeus probably saw his plan when part of Uranus was merged with him temporarily

He probably only remembered these when the massive pain from the punishment was done to him, but that isn't to say that he is innocent either, he was a god and could dispel at least that part of Uranus that invaded him but he chose to stay instead, the reason probably being him wanting to gain strength, he was probably thinking that by merging with part of a strong being would he have the power to control me

Even if Uranus didn't plant those doubts and paranoia into Zeus, he would probably still do the same things, it just made things occur faster than it would

He was probably mad that I tortured him so he would want me to beg for him to help me, but I am not that type of person, and knowing my brother, if I don't do what he wants then he won't give the information he knows

Luckily, I have just the thing

After looking at him for a few seconds, I then hit his abdomen with my knee imbued with miasma from the dead

This would push his soul out of his body temporarily, and his soul was not even as strong as Chronos since he never really liked these types of things, Zeus didn't like boring things and spiritual actions are pretty hard to learn even for a god

Anyway, I used my cosmic energy to peer into his soul and enter his memories

I looked and looked at one memory after another and most of it was... having sex with women other than hid wife, god was he a loser, he can't even be satisfied with his wife who- *ehem*, nevermind

After searching for about an hour, I finally found the memory of him seeing the memories of Uranus, I then took those memories and implanted it onto my soul

I was then pulled out of his soul and into my body, I then inserted his soul back into his body, he was unconscious after I did, he was probably too weak to withstand the mental shock of having your soul exposed to the outside world

After finally having more information about Uranus, I then headed back and told my demons to continue the torture after he awoke

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