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It has been a few hundreds of years now, and it is surely good for me, I spent my time inventing, playing with my kids except for Hephaestus of course, she's an adult now, Eri and Myu are older than her but they both remained children

There would be a great flood and Pyrrha the daughter of Pandora and his husband, the son of Prometheus Decaulion, should be the ones to repopulate the earth, basically they are the greek equivalent of Noah and his wife. I created another female and gave that female to Decaulion since Pandora never had a child

Pandora was turned into the goddess of recreation, she isn't as strong as a major god but her strength is slowly increasing due to my special training for her, it was a little bit hard for her considering that she was just reborn but she was determined to be as strong as us, I just complied and increased the difficulty of her training continuously so that she could reach the strength equal to a major god or even an olympian

Eos, Selene and my other wives have not been slacking off as well, I taught them many things but not something too hard, so far at least each of them could deal with Zeus

Hathor and my other creations can get stronger if I provide them my divine energy, cosmic energy from heaven or they train themselves, the last option was used for them to increase their strength and the strongest among them was Kali, she is basically a berserker who loves to fight and is crazy about training

As for me, I practiced on creating a semi-dimension where I can train since I can't train here anymore, if I just use my hands to slash then the whole world might tremble and various disasters might appear, I have succeeded in creating it and I've been training there ever since

Making that dimension uses my cosmic energy that I have directly made a part of me, I would need to continuously need to supply cosmic energy to that dimension, maintaining and keeping it from collapsing or breaking apart, this made my cosmic energy absorption equal to Nyx

Basically, cosmic energy is the energy gained from heaven, meaning it is energy at its purest form, the only thing more pure than that is energy that is directly taken from the Great Chaos or Mother Chaos, divine energy is energy that is gathered from beings who are lower than primordials, children or offspring of primordials are a lesser version of their power but Thanatos is one of the exceptions, he is the personification of death and he is considered a half primordial, his father and mother are both primordials but of course their offspring would always be weaker then them

There are only a few exceptions of offsprings being stronger than their own parents, I am clearly an exception and the other is Zeus

Anyways, back on the main topic, the flood

I've also commanded my creations, they are called the earthly gods due to them ruling a part of the world, I commanded them to each choose a pair of mortals that are worthy of saving from the great flood

Normally, the pair chosen by us olympian gods would survive, which is Pyrrha and Decaulion, Prometheus should have told his son about the great flood and told him to make an ark, we chose to let him do this and repopulate the earth and that would usually be the only pair but I asked the court to spare another four pairs since I don't want their cultures to dissapear, a majority of them agreed, the ones who agreed were Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Dionysius, and surprisingly, Zeus, due to Zeus agreeing, Hera also agreed, Poseidon didn't agree since he would be doing most of the work of flooding the earth, Ares didn't agree since his amusement was watching mortals fight each other

I am really disappointed of Ares, he was a great child who was cheerful and happy, but since he grew up to be an adult, he has been quite heinous and villainous

The reason for this flood was because it is because humanity has been judged as guilty, I couldn't defend them since they were right, they are all greedy, lustful, prideful, but that doesn't mean that us gods are different, they just can't believe that they are the same as mortals and think that they are lower than them when really, they are just lower than them in power, anything else and they are just the same, except for the fact that humans improve, they sometimes keep doing their mistakes over and over but once they realize, they inprove themselves, most gods are too prideful to even admit their mistakes

This flood is to purge the world of sin, which is basically the same as the christian great flood, where god sees that man has grown evil and decided to restart

It was also decided by the court of Olympus that each species and every type of variant each species has will also be included to the ones who will be spared, the fish are the only ones who are safe, each animal will only be spared with one pair and everyone on the five arks will be the ones to repopulate the earth, we will create other humans or other animals of they die out

Since Pandora is still considered by the gods as 'mortal' since her soul is still tied to a mortal, she can only stay if she either inproves her soul to a divine spirit or be created a new soul entirely, one that is equal to a divine spirit

The training of the soul was too brutal, each training you would have to face death and survive, you would have to have luck that is far superior to any mortal in the world, I can't let her die and get her soul destroyed do I made a soul for her,the problem was it took me all of my energy to do so

Making a divine spirit is equal to creating a major god, just creating a being close to a demigod is taxing for me even wih my new primordial powers, it is probably due to me not being one of the creator gods, the ones who can probably create gods is Gaia and possibly Tartaros, Gaia created Uranus and became his wife so she could definitely do it, I guess she is mother earth and has birthed many things, so I guess creation is one of her specialties

My wives were really worried when I passed out and put Hell on ultra high alert, I guess it is hard to think of someone who can weaken me to that extent, they probably thought of that

I used my astral body to oversee the underworld, nothing can be affected by the great flood if it is on earth, but if someone is unlucky enough to be on earth, they would have to fave the devastating might of the gods, Poseidon would control the water but we would give power to the water and make sure to plunge the world with water, leaving nohing behind so thst everything about the sins of man would be forgotten and thus making them better

That is the plan of Zeus, it is pretty idiotic, you could have just created a secluded place and make two humans there and let them develop while teaching them what to do and what not to do, then kill everyone after or just kill the corrupted men

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