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The gods I had assigned jobs to disperesed and went their own ways to rule a part of the world, Anubis and Kali were to gather souls along with Thanatos

I went to my office in my palace to manage the underworld and solve it's problems and situations when my wives Selene and Eos whom I just made my wives recently went to my office

"What is it my dear wives?" I asked them while still sitting on my chair

"We planned to surprise you, but Selene was just so eager to tell you that she decided to tell you once she heard the news" Eos said to me and smiled then turned to Selene who was also smiling

"What is it that you want to tell me my beautiful wife, Selene?" I asked her while also adding a compliment

She seemed embarrassed to tell me, Eos went behind her and pushed her gently signalling that she should tell me personally

"W-well, after we became h-husband and wife, w-we" she said stuttering

"Yeah?" I asked

She cleared her throat and conposed herself again acting tough, I really love how cute she is when she acts tough, she said "After we became husband and wife, we had intercourse, a-and I-I got pregnant"

I was speechless when she told me this, I was going to be a father, this is the greatest news I've ever heard, I could even feel myself slowly smiling

I stood up from my seat and went in front of Selene to hug her, I started crying tears of joy at the news, she hugged me back

After a while of silent hugging and Eos just there watching us, we finally settled on the couch near us and sat there to talk

"So how did you find out you were pregnant my love?" I asked her

"I was feeling strange after that night, so I went to the oracle and asked if I was pregnant, they confirmed that I was and I planned to surprise you but I couldn't resist and told you here" she said still with tears of joy streaming down her face

I was about to reply when Eos tugged my shoulder and kissed my cheek when I turned my head towards her

"This only means that we will work twice as hard to make our own child" she whispered to me quite seductively, it turned me on because she was really into being dominated and I like being the dominating one in sex

Selene was a little innocent when we had sex but we managed to both feel good in the end, I won't get into details

Anyways, we celebrated the news with a small party consisting of only the olympians and the three siblings AKA Helios, Selene and Eos

Eos and Selene invited their mother while I brought the ten gods to introduce them to the others

Zeus and Poseidon looked like they wanted to rape Hathor and Freya as well as Isis, they were making moves on them but they politely refused

The two thought they were being sneaky when all of the party was watching them trying to court the three, it was really funny until Zeus grabbed Hathor

I decided to stop the show, I went to their location and grabbed the arm Zeus used to grab Hathor, "What are you doing to my guest brother?" I asked him with a cold gaze while releasing a 1/10 of my divine aura towards him, he was shaking all over and let go of her

Hathor bowed to me and apologized for ruining the party, I just smiled at her for thinking of my happiness and enjoyment even when she was being harassed, "No, you didn't ruin it, it was my brother who did, now go to where Selene and Eos are and bring your sisters with you" I said with a calm voice, she bowed amd followed my orders

I turned to face Zeus who had already recovered from the fright, "I will still try to court her until she is mine" he stated to me, I looked at him again with the same cold gaze earlier but not releasing my aura, "No, you will not"

"What is she even to you?!" He asked while shouting, I looked at her and summoned her next to me

"She is one of my wives, you court her again and I will kill you without hesitation" I said to him, he really wouldn't stop courting her if I hadn't told him this, Chang'e and Kali weren't courted by them because they weren't here, they were currently handling a crisis so I let them deal with it, I sent Anubis and Azrael, one of the ten strongest demons to assist her while I sent Sun Wukong to assist Chang'e

I just glanced at Poseidon and he stood straight immediately and nodded, he knew what I said to Zeus goes for him too

They were a poor excuse for a husband, they always cheat on them with mortals, humanoids or gods so I don't trust them to treat my creations right, they might even exploit their divine powers

After the party came a very long pregnancy for Selene, I helped her through those times and left the governing of the underworld to Lucifer, during Selene's pregnancy, Eos got pregnant too

Selene was currently in labor and was being assisted with other goddesses that have healing and some are midwives

She wanted me to stay beside her during labor, I agreed and I was currently beside her, she was screaming in pain as she was pushing the child out of her, I had my eyes rolled and my right hand felt like it was being crushed by the weight of heaven, Selene really had a strong grip

Selene was crying tears of joy when she received our child, I was crying tears from the pain I received from my right hand and crying tears of joy too because of our child being born

The child had a small right horn on her forehead, she had red eyes that were as red as blood but was sparkling from the reflection of the light from the light of the moon, she had silver hair that was as soft as silk and as sparkly as the ocean reflecting the stars in the sky, when she looked at me, she had an open mouth smile and giggled, it was the cutest thing I saw in all of my new life here, which is thousands of years

I could feel the divine energy of time in her but not exactly, my power of time allows me to reverse, accelerate or stop time but she seems she can only rewind it and it only has effects on living beings

I know this because I have supreme control over my senses, and in most times they are right, I could sense my power in her but only the rewinding part of it

We decided to name her Eri, a simple yet cute name for our daughter, she would be the goddess of the past

After the labor, I suddenly thought of something that horrified me, Eos still hasn't given birth and according to the Titanomachy we fought, she was 4 times physically stronger than her sister Selene

I just pray to the being who reincarnated me here to have mercy on me

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