Horrible News

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Ereshkigal was really a fast learner, just a few days and she has already learned everything basic, and another few weeks for her to learn everything there is to know about the world, at least the knowledge equal to that of my siblings, I have more knowledge about this world than them and I rule the earth so yeah

I brought her to Greece to be my servant, this was because she had stunning beauty and the power almost equal to that of my siblings, if she were taken by them then they would use her, at least that's the case for Poseidon and Zeus

When I was finished with my daily work maintaining and managing the underworld, Lucifer told me that Zeus was summoning all of the olympians for good news that he would anmounce

I sighed thinking what this would be now, I didn't bring anyone with me except for Lucy as this is probably just a trivial matter, because I would know if it is important immediately

When I arrived at Olympus, I saw Hera, Demeter, Hestia and Poseidon there as well but couldn't see where Zeus is

"Where is Zeus?" I asked them

"We don't know, it seems he is waiting for everyone to arrive" Hestia answered

"Ah, now that everyone is here, I can finally announce the good news" a familiar voice said behind us

I turned around to see the white haired sky god, Zeus

"What is it that you would summon all of the six olympians here, brother?" I asked

"I just wanted to announce that" he said then looked at the woman next to her which was Metis

"We are expecting a child" Metis said with a cheerful smile

I smiled but mentally frowned, Metis was a really good person, she is always worried about the well being of everyone and is very selfless, I just hope the results of my research go well and I get the finished product before Zeus eats Metis

We celebrated and the party lasted for a day, then Zeus also said that he found a beautiful titaness who is the goddess of sexual love and beauty, she is also the daughter of Uranus

Aphrodite, the newly appointed goddess of beauty and a new member of Olympus, was there celebrating the whole ordeal, I thought she would be those lustful versions of herself but in fact, she wasn't

The party ended and a few months later, Zeus visited the oracle and when he came back, he swallowed his wife, Metis, whole, what is the difference between him and father, he is power hungry and lustful, he is the exact embodiment of sin

I secretly reincarnated her into one of my generals that died in battle in the Titanomachy, she was currently being trained by Selene as she had no power now due to reincarnatiom

The item I researched was the fountain of youth, I unknowingly drank it, it was like a desire of mine to drink it

The fountain of youth was actually just a cup, I drank all of it and I was now made a true immortal, meaning I can never die by any means, so I researched this and found out a way to reincarnate souls into a catalyst, that being a body, but in the case of gods, they would have to be reborn in a mortal body, meaning they have to train to get back to how strong they were

I didn't tell anyone about this, not even Gaia knew of this, so I confronted the fates and asked them what it was, they explained to me that the fountain of youth was the birthplace of living beings, it was a fountain where all the first animals were born, but not even Gaea dared to drink from it when she found it on her body as it was tempting her to drink, everyone thought it was poisonous so they tend to avoid it, so that they don't get tempted

Anyways, after Zeus ate Metis, he and Hera became husband and wife, Hera was also pregnant with Zeus' child, which I am guessing is Ares

I congratulated them with my wives and children on Olympus, I didn't bring Metis as she might have remorse against her ex husband and start a fight

All was going well, I kept improving the underworld while letting the hecatoncheires and cyclopes do what they want while also helping me, and Eri growing up

Eri didn't grow up much during these past few centuries, so was the case for Myu too, in fact, they didn't even grow at all, Eri grew taller and Myu, was still the same

Eri didn't grow up much during these past few centuries, so was the case for Myu too, in fact, they didn't even grow at all, Eri grew taller and Myu, was still the same

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I didn't want to have more children, especially when I have all the time in the world- no, in the universe

Ares was already born, he is quite a rowdy and rough child, he's like one of the bullies in school

Hera was pregnant again with their second child which I pressume is Hephaestus, if I'm correct then Hera would cast him out of heaven because of his ugliness, he would also be the one to open up Zeus' head and out of the crack came Athena

I congratulated them, Aphrodite still seemed interested in me, Ares tried courting her when he was a child which I thought was funny

Aphrodite and Ares loved each other in the myth, and Ares had an affair with Eos to which Aphrodite responded with a curse for Eos, I definitely won't let anyone harm anyone dear to me, especially when that someone is my lover

Anyways, Hephaestus was born and he was about to be exciled by Hera when I intervened

"Hold it sister" I said to Hera who was in bed, exhausted from giving birth

"What is it, *huff*, dear brother?" she asked as she breathed heavily

"You plan to excile your child?" I asked her with a dissapointed look, Eos, Selene and Hestia, who is my new wife, were behind me

"Y-yes, look at him, he is ugly compared to hs brother" she said as she pointed towards the baby I took from the midwife who was going to throw the baby away

"The cyclops and hecatoncheires were more ugly than him, yet did I persecute them? No, I treated them as my comrades and friends" I mentioned which made Hera remember the looks of the hundred handed ones

The baby I was carrying cried, Hera then turned away her head in shame but still didn't want the child back, I gave a sigh when she did that

"I am dissapointed in you Hera, I thought you were better than your husband, but I was proven wrong" I said which made her flinch, she knew what Zeus had done to Metis when he found out what would happen if she gave birth, she didn't want it to happen to her children yet here she was doing the same thing, no, this is much worse, she was throwing him away just because of his appearance

I gave her a cold glare and gave a sigh, then looked at her with a dissapointed expression on my face, and left with the baby to the underworld where I will raise him as my own

Zeus heard of this but didn't do anything, the others also didn't do anything, Demeter and even my wives Hestia, Selene and Eos were dissapointed at her

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