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After I had fully healed, we were celebrating until one month, it was wild

When the celebration was over, we were now going to decide on what our roles would be and for us brothers, we would each rule over a part of the earth

Poseidon proposed for me to rule heaven but Zeus rejected saying "I will rule over it, I am the god of the sky afterall" but Poseidon disagreed saying either he or me should rule over

The argument and bickering between the two were getting annoying, so I used Cronus' divinity to stop their time

After a while of pondering, I remembered a very funny way of choosing who gets to rule over what, this was actually in the myth too, we will draw straws

I unfroze them and told them about the plan, they were reluctant to decide to rule over such big domains with drawing straw but they agreed in the end, not knowing how to decide

I made three straws using the power of creation, Poseidon drew first and he pulled the middle straw, Zeus was next and I was sure that he would pick the longest but he was about to pick the shortest which would mean that he would rule the underworld, I cannot let this happen so I sneakily elongated the straw he pulled while shortening the last, thankfully no one noticed and we finally settled on who gets to rule

"I shall rule over heaven, Poseidon shall rule over the seas and Hades shall rule over the underworld"

Zeus announced with a smirk, he seems that he thought the underworld was a horrible place so he was happy that I was to rule over it, he was already spoiled and jealous of me, Poseidon looked at me also with a hint of joy, it seems my brothers are already turning into idiots

After the meeting, Poseidon went hus way towards his kingdom while I also did the same however, with Hestia, Demeter and Hera following me

Once I had arrived in the front of the underworld, I decided to create a door at the entrance of it, souls of mortals were coming in and out of this place

I was the most proficient at using the power of creation, the powers of creation my siblings use are like little specks of dust compared to mine

I was the most proficient at using the power of creation, the powers of creation my siblings use are like little specks of dust compared to mine

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Once that was done, we opened the door and entered the underworld, we were greeted with bowing cyclopes, hecatoncheires and Campe

"We sincerely welcome your arrival Lord Hades"

They said in unison, I told them to wait for me in the underworld

First thing is in order, split the souls between good and evil, I told them to construct a giant weighing scale that will judge a soul's karma, they agreed

Then I started making the place for good souls, it will be a paradise, this was much easier because I am rearranging the terrain, not creating another

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