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After I made the inhabitants of the underworld, I would now did what I was going to do after I spoke with mother chaos

I summoned Campe to the throne room where I was currently sitting on the throne in my Titan form, she quickly answered my call and entered the throne room, kneeling in front of me and bowing her head once she was close enough

"My most gracious lord Hades, the most benevolent, how may I service you?" She asked which made me a little flustered because that would be easily misinterpreted but didn't let any show

Apparently, it was a custom to greet your king followed by compliment(s) if you think of them as a supreme deity, a supreme deity is a god but you view them as equal to the primordials

It is okay to not follow the greeting with a compliment, no one will really think of it much, but when the servants do, the primordials will take notice of this, greek mythology is really weird

"Campe, I will be using the cube I have given you," I said with a commanding voice, the servants of the kingdom were here so I have to have them view me as a king and not a pushover or a naive king

"Yes" she said then stood up and made her way towards me on my throne but the guards in the throne room who consisted of the highest ranking demons and the seven devils raised their weapons against her, they were to protect me but I doubt they can do much with a fight between me and my siblings and the titans

I raised my hand to signal them to stand down, they composed themselves and stood straight like how they did earlier, then Campe continued making her way towards me

She then kneeled in front of me and bowed her head while her hands were cupped and raised above her head, on it was the cube I entrusted her with

I grabbed it then sent her to do the task I gave her, which was to watch over the inhabitants of the underworld and to eliminate those who try to break the law, the law was simple, no murder, no abuse, no sexual harassment, no blackmail, etc. the normal laws

I actually had all the laws printed on the central square of the kingdom

After she left, I also sent the demons and devils away, they were reluctant because they were worried of an assassin, they were worried because I made them worship me as their creator and god, like how Rimuru's subjects care for him

I looked at the cube in my hand, then increased its size to match my hand, then channeled my divine energy into it, then I was suddenly transported to a dark place, only filled with the moon and stars as its lighting, on my feet was sand far as the eye could see, well, my eye

Then, suddenly, I began having a headache, it felt worse than all the wounds I received during the titanomachy combined, I screamed in pain as I held my head squirming in the endless sand

After what felt like hours, the pain finally ceased and I began collecting myself, I was starting to think things but as I did, I noticed a memory that wasn't mine, at least something that wasn't there before

Was it the headache that I felt, and the memory or instruction of sort was being implanted into my mind, if so then I definitely don't want to experience it again

The instructions I received were how to create a god, the first thing I had to do was mold the deity to whatever I want, then put the essence of the sky and heaven here into the mold, and finally put some of my own essence so that it would be eternally loyal to me, after that was to whisper to it it's name, domain and divinity

I started building a statue of a muscular humanoid with a black jackal's head, this god will help Thanatos and his sisters in collecting the souls of the deceased, the egyptian god of death Anubis, he was later replaced by Osiris but meh, he's more famous

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