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After I took Hephaestus with me to the Underworld, I took care of him as if my own and as he grew up, I came to the conclusion that He was a She, Hephaestus always wore very covered clothes and apparently, my wives knew of this but kept it a secret

I was taken out of my thoughts when a beautiful woman I raised knocked, I knew who it was because I always have my senses on

"Come in" I said as a woman with dark skin and red hair wearing a blacksmith's attire opened the door and came inside

"Come in" I said as a woman with dark skin and red hair wearing a blacksmith's attire opened the door and came inside

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"What is it, Hephaestus?" I asked my daughter

"Father, I have done what you have asked, I've upgraded the gates of hell with the help of the cyclopes and hecatoncheires" she said as she bowed

"Good, you can play with your siblings now" I said, she then headed to where Eri and Myu were currently playing, Eri was already the master of controlling her powers and can stop and manipulate the age of herself and anyone she touches, she used it to stop herself from aging as well as her sister Myu, they didn't want to grow up, I didn't really have a problem with it so I let them be, I personally like it that way because they are just so cute

Hephaestus wanted to grow up so she didn't want to be affected by Eri's power and wanted to help me, she's really helpful with everything, when she grew up, she has grown to like playing with her half sisters, especially because they're so cute

I was now done with my work when suddenly, Hera came into the throne room where I was currently sitting on my throne, she was gasping for air as she crouched and held her knees, she must have hurried here

"What is it, Hera?" I asked in a cold tone, I never call her this, usually I call her sister but that was before she decided to throw away her child

"I know you hate me and Zeus, but you must help him, he is in need of your help" she said

"What is it that he needs help for, woman?" I asked

"He has a terrible headache that would not stop, it has been going on for a year and every day it gets worse" she answered

This got me intrigued, if I'm not wrong this is the birth of Athena, then I should help him

"*Sigh*, fine, he is my brother afterall" I said as I rose from my throne

"Hathor, you shall come with me" I said as I turned my head at my right where , I know Aphrodite would start seducing, she has a sharp tongue and would always compare the beauty of my wives if they try and block her from trying to seduce me

Hathor is the only one who is as beautiful and maybe more than her, Eos and Selene are also one of the most beautiful and they are equal to her in beauty but theh get irritated easily and attack, I always stop them since they would be punished for attacking her

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