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After I had expelled Zeus to the darkest pits of Tartaros to be tortured for 3 hundred years, I healed every ally that I had

I punished the Olympians who had sided with Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes and Poseidon were excluded since they were blackmailed as I found out just recently

Hera is to be given the maximum pain from giving birth to children and her heart shall be made to feel a thousand swords piercing it whenever her husband is unfaithful

Ares will be given a punishment where he would starve and thirst for a hundred thousand years, he is also to be executed by a force in the most painful way possible every time he enjoys mortals slaughtering each other and be revived after

After a while of making my power known to the others and making sure that no one will stand in my way, we headed back to the underworld

We killed those who were disobedient and tried to resist in me making them take an oath to the river styx to not become my enemy ever again

Once we arrived at the underworld, I was informed by one of my wives that Demeter was... pregnant, with Zeus' child

I sighed and went to her bedroom to talk to her about the child

I arrived and went to sit beside her on her bed

"Hello my dear wife" I greeted her

"Aren't you disgusted by me?" She asked with tears nearly bursting from her eyes

"Why would I ever feel disgusted with you my love?" I asked her

"I am already defiled, ruined, and what's more, I am pregnant with another's child" she said with tears slowly streaming down her face

"Never say that Demeter, I will never be disgusted by you and look at you like that, I will love you like no other and no matter what, I will help you in any way I can" I said to her

It was silence after that when Demeter said

"Thank you" she said smiling at me

"So what will you do with the child?" I asked her

"I plan to abort it with the help of grandmother" she said

"What?!" I asked

"This isn't our child so it would make sense that I abort it" she said

Damn, I forgot this isn't the world I was in, things like this might be normal for them but it isn't for me

"Well... do you want to abort it?" I asked and she hung her head down and silence filled the room once more

"I-I don't want to, I want to raise this child, Zeus may have raped me but the child is innocent, I don't want to kill the child" she answered

"Well, then let's keep the child" I said to her which surprised her

"Really? You won't get mad that I conceived a child from another man?" She asked

"Of course not, this child is innocent, I shall not take the lives of innocent souls" I said to her

She smiled and hugged me, I hugged her back and we ended up having sex, it took a month until we finally stopped, I could still go but Demeter was tired

A god's stamina is no joke

After that, I then reformed the whole underworld

Any being, whether godly or not that does not belong to the underworld or is not allied with me will be considered an enemy and will be attacked by the whole of the underworld once they enter

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