They Call Me Captain 𝕊. ℝ𝕠𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤 (Smut ;) )

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You and Steve were on your way to you two's mission to attack the hydra base. Bucky would've tag along but he didn't want the nightmares to start coming back. You were just currently reading the file that Fury sent you two. As you were reading you didn't realize that Steve put the Quinjet in autopilot.
"What you doing?"
Steve asked as his beard was tickling your ear. Steve has been growing out his hair and his beard. You weren't going to lie he looked sexy. You finally answered him since he asked you a question.
"Oh just going through the files that Fury and Hill sent us again."
You said, as soon as you stopped speaking Steve wanted to have some fun with you, and you wanted to have some fun to since you've been sexually frustrated for the past months.
He started kissing your neck where your sweet spot was, he bit your sweet spot and started sucking it where it would result to a hickey later. You let out a soft moan. You started taking off his suit and he did the same with yours.
"Are you on the pill?"
Steve asked since he was kissing all over your chest. While you were a moaning mess.
"Yes Steven, I'm on the pill."
You said while giggling as he peppered kisses on your chest and neck. As you said that Steve started going down on your clit, and started sucking on it where it made you a moaning and whimpering mess. As he started sucking you he added his thick finger and started pumping you as you were moaning.
"Steve, I'm going to cum."
You said while being breathing heavily.
"Cum sweetheart."
He said as you came, and as you came he started lapping your juices. You were sweating like you just did an intense workout. As you looked at Steve he started pumping his long and hard cock.
You were scared cause he bigger than the others you had.
"This may hurt a little, sweetheart."
He said and you slowly nodded.
He gave you kiss as he was sliding his cock inside your pussy. He thrusts were hard and your eyes started to roll back in pleasure.
"I'm going to cum again Steve."
You said as you felt yourself cum and then seconds later Steve's thrusts started getting sloppier.
"I'm going to cum, love."
He said then he soon later came. He collapsed on your chest trying not to hurt you.
He asked as you were playing with his hair.
"Would you like to be my girlfriend?"
He said, oh my god you waited for him to ask you out for a while now.
"Yes Steve, I would love to be your girlfriend."
You said while smiling and he started to kiss your plump lips. 
"Mr. Rogers, we are going to be landing shortly."
Friday said, while you and Steve chuckled. Good thing you two attack tomorrow at the Hydra base.

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