Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Party Favor

Toby's POV

Clayton and I sat on the field and listened to Taylor talking about her party and I glared softly. School would be over soon which meant the plan would go into place. She talked about her party throughout the sixth period until the bell rang.

We watched as everybody texted and posted on their social media about the party. Making it more hyped. Lot's of people would be going, even people from different school. Especially since it was a mansion, had beer, drugs, and girls. It was probably going to be one of the biggest parties of the years.

It was also going to be Taylor's last...

Clayton and I went back to his house to get dressed. I kept most of my clothes there now, my mom didn't even notice. 

I sat down on the toilet lid as I blow dried my hair and used hair spray to make it stay in place. I smirked at myself as I got my phone and took a couple pictures to post on instagram. It would make Clayton and I not be suspected. Regular teenagers going to a party and not suspecting a single thing. 

The social media post will make us look normal also. It would be more suspicious of a person at the party to not take pictures and post it. Unless they were guilty of something, maybe like murder. I giggled at my genius plan. Sky will be avenged. She didn't deserve to be sky deep. Heaven didn't deserve her this early.

I strapped my galaxy bow tie to my black t shirt. I wore jeans that were not too tight or too loose. I usually wore loose jeans, but tonight was a special occasion. I put on my black and white sneakers and smiled in the mirror, taking a picture. 

I posted it to Facebook and instagram as I scrolled around my feed. Seeing my friends  post pictures of them getting ready also. My friends Sky didn't really get to hang out with. I grumbled as I walked in on Clayton in his boxers. He turned around to face me as I blushed.

"Put on some pants, silly." I said as I threw one of his shirts at him, the one I found on the floor along many others.

"Hey!" Clayton laughed as he jumped on his bed then towards me. Enveloping me in a warm hug. I giggled and looked up towards his face as he swooped down and kissed my lips softly. I stood still for a second before kissing back. "I love you babe." He said softly, planting more kisses on my lips as I tried to catch every single one of them with mine.

"Clayton." I breathed out. "I love you too." I said as I pulled away from a passionate kiss and looked up at him, smiling happily. His arms holding me up by my lower back as I tippy toed to reach his affections.

"Alright, get the keys in the bathroom. I'm almost ready to go." Clayton said as I went to get the keys that was near the toothbrush holder. 

I got back and I watched as Clayton put his leather jacket on. He looked so handsome, and mine. "I got one more thing to take care of." Clayton said as he went downstairs to his dad.

I stood near the hallway listening to him and waiting for Clayton.

"Dad, when I graduate I'm going to move out and start fresh. I don't know what I'm going to be yet, but please trust me when I say I won't be dumb and blow my trust fund."

"I trust you son, and I'm going to miss you. Ever since your mom left us, you're all I have. Promise me you'll call at least once a week son."

"I will dad." Clayton promised as he hugged his dad.

"Alright, you can have my truck. I'll wire the money when you graduate. Go have fun and treat that little boyfriend of yours well, I see the way he looks at you. He's a keeper." Clayton's dad said as I blushed from a distance.

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