Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Final Goodbyes

Toby's POV

I stared in shock as I lay on Clayton's chest. We were at his house watching TV when the news came on talking about a dead body found mauled in the woods by a random cyclist. The body identified to be Sky Naschor. It was Sky, and she was dead!

"Oh my god!" I cried out in disbelief as Clayton held onto me. He was just as shocked. It had been three days since the field trip. We just thought she got sick from falling in the water and wouldn't be back till next week. 

The rude awakening we got when it turned out she was dead this whole time. I cried, tears spilling out of my eyes down onto my shirt as Clayton hugged me. He didn't have the same emotional connection I did with Sky so he wasn't as hurt, but he was sad that I sad hurting deeply.

She was the first person aside from Clayton to accept me. Except it was different with Clayton because he liked me all along. I didn't know what to do. It didn't feel right though.

The news cuts off to our teacher, who was explaining that he had left early because his wife was in a medical emergency. It then cuts to Taylor who was crying. "I wish she told me she had to bike home, I would of gave her a ride." Taylor cried, rubbing her eyes furiously. "That could of been me, if I wasn't so luxurious. I feel so bad for her." Taylor said, running away from the camera towards Trent, who caught her, he had an awkward look on his face.

I stopped crying and looked at Clayton seriously. "How would she know Sky bikes home." I said, getting suspicious. I went on Facebook and searched Taylor's wall. It said she was having a part in four days 

The status was posted three days ago, right after the field trip. I gasped and looked at Clayton. "I think she killed Sky! Did you see the way she ran towards Trent? She likes Trent but Trent liked Sky. I didn't think she was that crazy, but Jesus!" I yelled, fury bubbling in my veins.

"I'm going to kill her!" I said angrily. Clayton looked shocked before calming down. 

"Are you serious babe?" He asked.

"I have too! Sky didn't deserve this. I am alone in this world besides you, and if you leave me I understand. My mom is going to hate me anyways when she finds out so it doesn't matter if I do this or not." I said scrolling on Sky's Facebook page where her family posted her funeral date, which was tomorrow along with the location.

"I understand, I don't want you to get sucked into my mess." I said quietly, planting one small kiss upon his lips before getting up and walking away. My heart clenching in my heart.

I stopped as I felt a hand on my shoulder, spin me around. "Remember when I said, I didn't know what I wanted to do in life, how I just wanted to be happy?" Clayton said. "Maybe I'm just crazy in love or foolish, but I love you. If you're not in my life I wouldn't be happy. I didn't spend all these years chasing after you just to lose you like this. It's a bit crazy, but I understand. Revenge is strong, but my love for you is stronger." Clayton said hugging me. 

"Clayton..." I whispered, tears in my eyes again as I hugged my boyfriend. I was probably crazy for wanting to kill somebody, but damn. He must have been crazy too, since he was willing to do this with me.

"Alright, the party will be a perfect place to take her down." I said as Clayton nodded quietly, holding my smaller hands in her larger rough ones.

[Next Day]

Everybody sat quietly as they brought the casket down from a van. I offered to carry the casket as I teared up. I slipped on my white funeral gloves from my grandma's funeral and carried my dead best friend around the cemetery once, along with her family before putting her casket on the lift that would lower it in. 

Clayton and I waited for the priest to bless her before they said words of grace. He talked about how great of a person Sky was. I cried freely, Clayton is crying too. He felt the pain I was in, I leant into him. Sky's mom and dad walked towards the casket and turned around with tears in their eyes, facing their family and friends, along with some people from school. I could see Trent hiding behind a nearby tree with tears in his eyes. 

I looked down, then up into the Sky. Watching clouds pass by... I let my tears dry on my face. I wanted the pain to stick with me for a little bit, before things went down. I let myself think Sky was in heaven now, enjoying the freedom or just at peace. I had to avenge her, though. So she could truly be at peace.

"You may now pay your respects." The priest said as he stood to the side, near Sky's parents. Everybody stood in line, each one of them saying words of grace, or rest in paradise. They all had tears in their eyes as they left, one by one. All until Sky's brother was left.

Clayton and I stood behind Milo, being the last people in line. We watched as he slowly walked up, trembling in his emotions.

"Big sis why did you have to go?" He said as he tilted his head down, tears streaking from his eyes to his cheeks, to his nose, then dripping off and hitting the coffin. The bright sun, making the tears glisten softly.

"I know a small fall from the bike didn't kill you, I pranked you so many times and you got hurt harder than that. I know you're a stronger person than that." He choked out, slightly sobbing. The people that stayed behind watched sadly at the lamenting little brother. 

"Who else is going to be there to make my pancakes and food. Who's going to be there to help me with my homework. Who am I going to prank now, huh big sister? I don't have any reasons to kill spiders anymore... Mom and dad work after school, who is going to keep me company now? I feel so alone, I really do love you big sis. I know I didn't show it well, but..." Milo choked.

"You... Mean. So. Much. To. Me..." Milo sobbed, barely able to say each word. "In case you change your mind, I'll be waiting here in case you just want to come home..." Milo silently said. 

Milo sobbed on Sky's casket as he stared at his sister's dead body. They had covered the bottom half of the casket because that was the area she got mauled. It was too torn apart to show for a funeral. "God dammit, why did you do this to me Sky!" Milo shouted falling to the ground. 

He got up, wiped his tears, and ran away towards his parents' car. He opened the door and slammed it behind him.

Toby looked back at the casket and walked slowly towards it, Clayton trailing behind him.

I looked at my deceased friend. Tears flooding my eyes once again. I kept them in my eyes, vision getting blurry. My heart hurts. Clayton squeezed my hand tightly. "I hope that heaven is giving you a second chance. Thank you for accepting me for who I am." I said as I rubbed my eyes and looked at her body. She had some scars on her neck. I observed them closer and gasped softly. Those claw marks weren't of a wolf. It looked like fake nails I have seen before.

The only person in school who wears those long talon like fake nails. I growled internally and whispered the evidence to my boyfriend who eyes widened for a second then neutralized. 

I wiped my tears and looked deeply into the sky. The clouds covering the sun slightly. Little rays of light beamed on us and Sky.

I placed a flower near her head and glanced away for a second. Soul clenching again. I turned my body slowly, head towards the ground and walked away slowly from Sky. Eyes sad and cried out. Clayton followed behind me and grasped my hand softly again. I smiled softly.

Strong enough to leave you, but weak enough to need you.

I know... One day eventually, I'll have to let it all go.

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