Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Party

Sky's POV

Poke, poke, poke...

"Arrg! Leave me alone." I grunted, annoyed at the poking on my hip.

Push, push, push...

Jab, jab, jab...


"Ouch!" I exclaimed, looking around at Milo laughing. I ran towards him, hoping to strangle the life out of him for pushing me off the bed.

"Milo, you butt face! Come over here and get choked to death now!" I screamed while he laughed and ran away locking himself in his room while I banged the door.

"Seriously, why can't I have a normal brother." I sighed looking at the clock.


"Crap! I have less than an hour to get ready before Toby gets here!" I exclaimed rushing to get ready.

Running towards my bathroom, I took a quick shower, then dried myself. Looking at my clothes, I only had one at least it was decent looking. It was a lacy dress that is soft pink. A bit tight at the top and flowed at the bottom. It was the only high top dress I had.

I had to admit it was a nice dress for a hand me down from my aunt.

I quickly put the dress on, slipped on my black flats, and began to blow dry my hair. After that, I was done. I looked decent I thought looking into the full length mirror. My naturally brown curly hair, the dress, the shoes, and my bright gray eyes that shine brightly through my glasses seemed pretty decent.

I can't wait to get my contacts, maybe I can end up with a decent guy instead of being doomed to be forever alone as my brother said to me millions of times. I applied my make up to look like the girl in the snow white movie, honestly, I think it looks cool to wear dark pink lipstick with black mascara. It secretly makes me feel like a princess.


"Woo! I finished early." I exclaimed, looking at the time. Walking down to the living room, I sat on the couch and watched the music video by Victoria justice. I looked both ways, making sure nobody was in the room or the kitchen. Finally feeling comfortable I stood up, started dancing, and singing with the music into a remote.

"Yeah e yeah e yeah e yeah eh. My best friends brother is the one for me, yeah e yeah e yeah, yeah. A punk rock drummer and he's six foot three." I sang until I looked outside the window and saw Toby looking inside the window laughing at me.

"Noo! Toby... What the hell? You could have told me you were coming."

"Look at the clock." he laughed.


"Oh." I blushed, embarrassed. "Let's go."

Driving to the party didn't take very long it was a quick twenty minutes and singing with Toby to the radio really kills time. We stopped at the front of the big mansion and got out the car. We walked outside I looked at the night sky. It was so beautiful here, the sky was so deep and mystical, I loved it.

"I got to go use the bathroom, I'll be right back." Toby said while running into the crowd.

It was about 10 minutes later I lost my patients waiting for Toby, who was probably pooping and walked outside into the backyard to get some fresh air. I began walking towards the woods behind the house when I spotted a person sitting alone. Oh gosh, I thought about how that was me before I met Toby and Eurika. I decided to walk to the person and sit down on the log also.

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