Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Teamwork


We got off the bus when we arrived at lake Ahakma and all got grouped up in two's. Toby and Clayton got paired up. Which left me with no partner as I waited for the teacher to call the last two names.

"Okay class last pair is Taylor and Sky, please pair up and grab at your clipboards." The teacher said as he left us to read the instructions.

I watched Taylor, who glared at me, flipped her hair while she walked to me like she was in a runway. As if she was a model. So fake and plastic like a doll, I thought in my head laughing.

"Hello partner." She evilly laughed.

"Hello Taylor..." I said while glaring at her. Being prepared for anything she might do.

Sky's POV

Getting paired up with the popular, mean, fake, and probably the most annoying person in school is like God's way of saying you might as well go to hell now. Grunting, I grabbed both of the clipboards since Taylor insisted because her new nails might break off and she spend hours on making the nail polish pattern on it.

I headed towards the light pond to observe the mosquito larvae wiggling around while Taylor cried at how gross and squiggly it was. Doing the notes for both of us was a pain. I might as well bring a laptop so I can copy and paste it.

Next, "we," cut that. I had to go to the bigger part of the lake so now Toby and Clayton had the mosquito pool. Toby poked the mosquito larvae curiously while Clayton was holding onto Toby's shirt so Toby wouldn't fall into the pool of wiggly mosquito larvae.

Looking back at the pond, I began observing the ducks I noticed that I had left my glasses at school and couldn't see the ducks or what they were doing this far.

"Hey Taylor, can you look at the ducks and tell me what they're doing?" I asked, as she looked in the mirror. The bright sun made her hair glow as the wind blew through it. Gosh, at Mrs. Perfect over there, I glared.

"Taylor! Help me for gosh sakes." I screamed, getting more aggravated

"Just go into the water and swim towards them to observe them, it's not even that deep. Here I'll even help you." She said, pushing me into the water.

"Taylor, Taylor you bitch face!" I said as I got up and wiped the lake's water scrubs off of me.

"Oh my gosh Sky! Are you okay?" Toby hurried over as he looked at me, offering me his hands to pull me up out the lake.

"Oops." Taylor said, pushing Toby into the water


"Hey! What the heck is wrong with you?" Toby said, getting a bit angry.

"Toby are you okay?" Clayton said, rushing towards the pond, seriously mad at what Taylor had done to his boyfriend.

"Taylor I'm only letting this go once because you are a girl, but if you ever try to harm my Toby again, I will get a girl to kick your ass since guys can't hit girls." Clayton said gritting his teeth.

"Oh well, whatever. At least they can see the ducks now. Do me a favor and pick them out of the pond." She said as she spotted Nicki and ran towards her.

"Actually, I can see the ducks better." I said, taking notes on the ducks while Clayton pulled Toby up and hugged Toby closely for warmth even though the day was pretty hot. Toby and I would be dry in no time.

"Need a hand?" A guy asked me.

I looked up to see who was talking to me. I saw Trent, the guy that got me slapped from the party because Taylor was crushing on him. I grabbed his hand and had him pull me out of the lake, but pulled him in with me.

"That's for getting me in trouble with Taylor." I laughed as he gave a fake pout.

"Well, I guess we are even then." Trent laughed and splashed me with the pond water.

We ended up splashing each other for about twenty minutes until we heard a light snoring. We both looked under a shady oak tree where Toby was curled up in Clayton's arm. They were both sleeping and the sun was shining just right. I had to take a picture. Grabbing my phone from my jacket on the grass I angled the phone as a few leaves fell down.

Snap, snap, snap

The picture was so beautiful and Toby and Clayton were just so adorable sleeping in the most perfect background, the leaves falling, the shady sunshine, and the beautiful tree. It was so pretty I thought as Trent laughed at me for savoring a boyxboy moment.

After all that madness was done I helped Toby and Clayton with their reportwhile finishing mine and Taylor's also. I left Toby's and Clayton's report next to their cloths as Trent went to go look for his partner. I had to find my partner and it was going to be so much fun. Note the sarcasm.

Walking up to Taylor as she expected her whole form to be filled out which was. Holding the paper in my hand, I handed it to her, but snatched it back before she can get it which made her pretty furious.

"Give me my paper looser, Aha!" Taylor exclaimed.

I ripped the paper in half as her facial expression became surprised. "That's for pushing me in the lake and slapping me, you are booty face." I exclaimed like Toby would. I have learned lots of new ways to swear by Toby teaching me his ways. He was my Sensei and would teach me to be a bad bitch. I would be the baddest bitch ever. Taylor tried chasing after me, she tried to catch me until the teacher yelled at us.

"Stop fighting and get in the bus, it's time to go back. It's getting late. Don't make me give you after school detention girls!" The teacher yelled from a distance.

Sky and Taylor look at the teacher with a surprised expression

"Oooh!" The class says in harmony.

"It was her fault!" Taylor and Sky say simultaneously

"Now get in the bus, but first turn in your papers." The teacher says while rolling his eyes.

Sky hands the teacher her paper while Taylor looks at the teacher with an annoyed sheepish look.

"Where is your paper Taylor? The teacher questions.

"Sky ripped it up!" Taylor says with fake hurt.

"Because she pushed me and Toby into the pond and I did all the work!" Sky defends.

"It is not okay to push somebody into the pond Taylor. You guys are suppose to work together as a team. Detention today after school together! Now! Get in the bus and lets go back to school." The teacher says, ushering the other students in the bus.

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