Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The One

Toby's POV

The warm fall wind blew softly in the lukewarm night as fireflies swarmed around, lighting the midnight skies with stars twinkling above the oak tree, a couple who was sleeping under the oak tree snored softly. Toby snuggled into the warmth of Clayton's chest as he hummed with happiness.

Feeling Toby's hair prickle his chest Clayton slowly opened his eyes and looked into the soft fuzzy hair of his boyfriend. He sighed and relaxed, looking at the fireflies above them in the midnight sky. Wait, the midnight sky? Looking around Clayton grabbed their papers and shook Toby by the shoulders lightly to wake him up.

Toby yawned.

Looking around, Toby rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at Clayton, until reality shone upon him. Frowning, he spoke. "Sky left us here didn't she" Toby said, clearly not amused.

"Yeah, she did." Clayton said calmly rubbing Toby's hair, causing Toby to blush and push Clayton's hands away.

"We should probably call somebody." Toby said, trying to check his phone only to find out it was dead. "Damn you Wattpad app, I knew I should have not read all those fanfiction stories last night."

Growling Clayton smacked Toby in the back of his head. "I want you to stop reading those, the only person you should be fanning over is me." Clayton said, pulling Toby into a deep kiss as Toby melted into the kiss and closed his eyes.

"Good..." Clayton mumbled softly on Toby's lips.

Blushing Toby pushed himself off of Clayton and dusted himself, Clayton repeating the same action. Clayton was getting his phone and calling for his father to pick both Toby and him up.

"Well, my father is coming in about and hour and thirty minutes, what do you want to do for now it's only nine fourteen." Clayton stated, as he stretched and placed his phone back in his pocket.

"Let's go look for a food joint." Toby said feeling fat.

After eating Subway's sandwiches Toby and Clayton walked back to the lake and decided to walk the whole lake.

So they walked and walked, talking and getting to know each other some more. "So Clayton, what do you want to be when you get older?" Toby asked.

"I'm not really sure on that Toby. I guess wherever life takes me. I'm not really interested in anything yet. I just wanted to be with you for all these years." Clayton said, pulling Toby closer to himself and snuggling his chin into his boyfriends soft hair.

Smiling Toby leaned into Clayton. This is one of the best days of my life so far Toby thought, trying not to think of bad times and other things. Maybe it's time to move to the present and stop living in the past. That isn't going to get me anywhere.

We walked around the whole lake in about fifty minutes. We got to know each other really well. Clayton was a pretty cool guy, he was the go with the flow kind of guy that liked to do things his own way. Which was kind of stubborn but if it made him what he was today, I liked it. Clayton also told me that he was really possessive which made more sense of him not wanting me to continue reading my awesome fanfiction.

I laughed in my head, Sterek was something that had grown on me this year. I had a sweet spot for Sterek. So if he wanted me to stop reading. I would stop because he was right, I should only want him. Unless I can secretly read Sterek at night he-he.

We both stopped laughing when a car pulled up to us. "Clayton I think that's a pedo." I said cautiously as the car followed us.

"Clayton, Toby! Get in!" Claytons Dad yelled, getting annoyed.

"Dad! We thought you were a pedophile or something. Where's our truck?"

"It broke down. so I am using this rental until my truck gets fixed." His dad replied.

"Thank you Mr. Sthown." I said, happy with the fact that he was giving us a ride home.

After the long hour and a half ride to Clayton's house, Clayton and I were both beat tired. We decided that I should just to borrow Clayton's cloth tomorrow. I asked if I could stay over. Clayton being the way he is accepted before I even finished my sentence.

After Clayton's father sighed and went into his room down the hall, Clayton and I walked up the stairs as Clayton dove in his room and plopped onto his bed first.

"Clayton make some room, fatty." I laughed, trying to get on the bed, but failed as Clayton pulled me on top of him. "Clayton!" I gasped quietly as he pulled me into him and began snuggling me which I didn't mind, but I was ticklish and I ended up punching him in the stomach because he wouldn't stop.

"Hey! What was that for?" Clayton growled, pulling his shirt up and holding his stomach inspecting the damaged on his abs.

"You know I'm ticklish." I laughed, moving his hands and kissing his tummy as he growled with approval.

"Oh yeah, Toby if you keep doing that, you don't know what you're going to start." Clayton laughed, while groaning in pleasure while he grasped my hair softly.

I kissed lower, reaching his happy trail, but got up and kissed him on the lips. "Hehe, you ain't getting any until you put a ring on this." I joked, turning to the side as Clayton wrapped his arms around me with his Clayton Jr, poking into my bottom.

"You're such a tease, but challenge accepted." Clayton mumbled kissing my neck and holding me tighter as we fell into a happy slumber.

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