Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Done

Sky's POV

We both sat in detention for an hour before we were able to leave. I sulked the whole time with my elbow on my desk, hand carrying the weight of my head. Taylor looked downright pissed as the teacher left early due to some emergency. We were forced to stay by ourselves until the clock struck seven, which was in ten minutes.

"Don't think you're innocent." Taylor said randomly.

"What?" I questioned.

"I saw you with him, you slut." Taylor said, this time glaring at me. Her face scrunched up as she pulled off the perfect bitch face. She looked downright mad though. "I don't need you messing with my plans, I'm so sick of you it makes me so sick!" She said dragging the 'so' out.

"What, Trent? Are you kidding me? First off, I am far from being a slut you booty face. In fact, I'm a virgin." I said, defending myself, and my image. I am not a slut and I will never be, I had standards. Unlike Taylor who wanted every hot guy in the school who had abs and money..

"You lie! All lies! I saw you with him at the lake, I told you to stay away from him. I saw you flirting with him, showing your slutty body in the lake and splashing him to see his giant bulge in his jeans, which by the way is mine!" Taylor yelled, as she got up and got in my face. I sat down, remaining still as I glared at her and her delusions.

"You pushed me in the lake!" I yelled back.

"Because you're a slut, slut!"

"That doesn't even make any sense."

"Of course it doesn't make any sense to a slut, sluts are only good for their bodies not their brains."

"You couldn't even do the simple work on the field trip, you demented hoe!" I yelled back with just as much as fury, she looked at me offended for a second before snapping back at me.

"The only thing you're good for is for inseminating, slut. God you're such a slut, I'm sick of ugly sluts like you who have high standards. Your standards should be lower! Like your ugly face!" Taylor screamed, her voice ringing in my ears.

"Wow, you actually used a big word. Let me clap for the class's fake, because everybody knows how fake you are. Even daddy couldn't buy a personality for you, fake!"

"Don't try to distract me from the real problem." She said taking her satchel off and throwing it to the floor. Her insolent voice once again, ringing in my ears. She was more of a bigot than I thought.

"You have no apathy for anybody's emotion or how they feel, that's why people avoid you. All your friends are just as fake as you and just as lonely."

"Always yielding the same words over and over again. I saw you, you are trying to get with him. I'm so done! Literally, I can't!" Taylor screamed, dropping her purse also.

A feeling of apprehension crossed my mind as Taylor came up to me and slapped me with her right hand and brought it back to backhand me before slapping me with her right. I held my cheeks, staring at her in shock. She really just did that...

"I had an ample amount of you, but this is just too much!" I yelled at her.

"Speak English you nerdy, slut!" She screamed.

"Screw you, bitch!" I screamed as I grabbed her hair and tackled her onto her desk, feeling tactile. "You don't even know a surmise anymore." I yelled pulling her hair back as she got up and pulled my hair also. I screamed in pain as we pulled each others hair

"I'm sick of you doting over my future husband, you have no right! I warned you bitch!" Taylor screamed as she pulled my hair roughly then pushed me to the floor. I fell back in pain as she preened herself, fixing her hair and putting it in a pony tail. It was crazy how meticulous she was with her look, especially at a time like this.

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