Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Team Up!

Sky's POV

"Arrrgg!" I groaned as the sun's ray hit my eyelids. Opening my eyes, I looked at the black thing covering my face, picking it up and I looked at what it was. It looked like a fuzzy ball. Getting bored with it I threw it up in the air and looked as it flew to the ceiling, hit it, and watched as legs grew out of it.

I glared as it turned into a spider, that was coming down to me. "Oh my god!" I screamed, as I jumped off the bed landing hard on my butt.

"Ouch." I groaned, getting back up to look at the spider on the bed as it looked back at me with its eight scary eyes. That was until I heard quiet laughing under my bed. I looked under the bed to find both of Milo's feet poking out. He-He, I thought as I yanked his legs and looked at a very surprised Milo.

"You ass! Do you know how mentally unstable I could become waking up everyday by your crazy ass?" I yelled at him while I jumped and sat on him.

"I could have broken my butt or my spine at the way I fell Milo!" I screamed at him, while bouncing on his back.

"What butt? Get your fat ass off of me, you turd!" He coughed from the lack of air.

"You owe me pancakes for killing that spider last night!" He wheezed.

"Fine, let's go, numb nuts." I said as I got up and left for the kitchen, leaving Milo to catch his breath.

I took a good twenty minutes to make pancakes as he ate them, barely keeping anything on his plate visible. Not even a crumb. I bet if I got a microscope there wouldn't be any particles of crumbs. That's how much of a fat ass he was, I thought as I glanced at the clock.


At least I had enough time to get ready. I ran up to my room, locked the door so Milo couldn't do anything crazy like put booby traps my room like he did that one time, last year. I took a quick shower, then I slid into a pair of gray skinny jeans. I then put on a Naruto T-shirt. I felt like I was way more prepared to get revenge on Taylor. I looked at the clock.


"I barely got time to eat and get to school." I giggled loudly because I had time to talk with Toby before class starts.

"Stop laughing to yourself, you crazy cat lady."Milo screamed from downstairs with mom and dad chuckling in the background.

I took a pop tart to eat on the way to school as I hopped on to my bike, slid my backpack on and, began riding to school. In record time I got there in thirteen minutes instead of fifteen. Those squats were really helping me out. I should really listen to my parents' advice more often.

I was looking around the campus for Toby, but he was no where to be found. I really hope he is ok. I wonder happened to him. Maybe he is creating a giant balloon full of nasty stuff to throw at Taylor. That is totes awesome and I totally wouldn't object to an idea of that. (Totes means Totally for younger readers, so this story can be more hip and relateable, LOL)

I walked to my locker, I put the code in and, grabbed my books to my first period class. Opening the door, I walked to my seat in the back and sat down. I sat down and in front of me Eurika sat. She turned around and smiled at me.

"So do you like the bracelet?" She asked, eyes full of happiness.

Forgetting all about the bracelet she gave me, I looked at the black and white hello kitty face with the word 'best' on it.

"Oh yeah! Its cute Eurika. Where did you get it from? I have to see what store you shop at." I giggled.

"Hot topic. It's like the best store ever!" She says as the bell cuts her off.

The teacher came in and announced everybody to finish their assignments from yesterday. We ended up doing the assignment for the whole period until the bell rang. Getting my backpack and heading towards my locker, I said my goodbyes to Eurika and returned my books to my locker. Thank Lucifer my other periods didn't need any books because they were like five pounds each and we don't even use the book that often, its like a giant waste of paper. Waste of trees, more like that.

Heading towards my second period I noticed that I still haven't seen Toby yet. I really hope he's okay now and hoped nothing bad happened to him. I was starting to get worried now.

"In class today we will be going on a quick Field trip to the lake Ahakma to study the grass, temperatures and animals there so leave any important belonging in your locker because you will be getting wet." The teacher announced

"Just like Stacyann!" A classmate suddenly shouted as everybody laughed.

"Woo! Field trip!" Some jocks yell, their ego and manliness outed.

Everybody got ready and began to put important things away. We walked to the bus and I spotted Toby already there with Clayton, standing shoulder to shoulder. Finally reaching Toby I said hi and glared at Clayton slightly.

"Like I said. I always get what I want and when I get it, or Toby for this instance. I get it and he belongs to me. Especially after years of trying." Clayton said, smiling while nuzzling his chin in Toby's hair which caused Toby to blush massively.

"Come on Clayton quit it, this is embarrassing and what happens if somebody sees us." Toby whispered pushing his hands from under Clayton's chin.

"Let them see us and if they have a problem with it, I'll beat them up." Clayton says while laughing proudly, puffing his chest and arms.

I laughed at how cute they were being. We boarded the bus a few minutes later then watched as the rest of the class finally came into view and walked into the bus and took their seats while Clayton insisted that Toby sit on his lap.

We ended up joking the whole way to lake Ahakma. It turns out Clayton is a really nice guy and pretty funny, we had lots of your mama jokes, then old grandma jokes. It was a pretty fun ride and everything felt normal again. We got off the bus when we arrived at lake Ahakma and all got grouped up in two's. Toby and Clayton got paired up. Which left me with no partner as I waited for the teacher to call the last two names.

"Okay class last pair is Taylor and Sky, please pair up and grab at your clipboards." The teacher said as he left us to read the instructions.

I watched Taylor, who glared at me, flipped her hair while she walked to me like she was in a runway. As if she was a model. So fake and plastic like a doll, I thought in my head laughing.

"Hello partner." She evilly laughed.

"Hello Taylor..." I said while glaring at her. Being prepared for anything she might do.


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