Chapter 6

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Harry had seen most of the exchange between Liam and Niall, and he was just as confused as Louis. He had been standing on the other side of the hallway, away from all the action, ans observing carefully. Liam looked really shaken up. And nothing ever shook Liam up. Ans then Liam did the last thing Harry expected. Liam invited the boy over.

It wasn't that Liam didn't like people at his house. Liam s house was a nice place, and Harry knew that full well. It was just that. The thing was, Harry was almost always at Liam s house. Like constantly. His mom worked and his sister was off at college. And Harry had an insane fear of. Well not really a fear. He just really, really hated being alone.

After the confrontation was over, Liam joined Harry and they walked to science.

"What was that all about mate?" Harry asked. Liam glanced over at him. Then he turned back to stare at the ground, not knowing what To tell Harry. He couldn't exactly go around telling the secrets of a boy He had jusr met that day.

"Nothing Harry." He assured his friend as they walked towards science. But Harry had known Liam for almost two years, He knew when Liam was upset.

"What's wrong Liam?" Liam still didn't respond, so Harry resorted to drastic measures. "Liiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaam!" He whined. Harry was typically the most well behaved boy you could cone across, but he was also a year younger than most of the kids in his grade. And he still had some habits that some could label as childish. Such as whining when he didn't get his way.

Liam sighed. "Look, we'll talk about this in science." He knew there would be no way to get Harry off his back if he didn't tell him something. But he couldn't tell him abkut what was really going on. And so Liam was contemplating doing something he almost never did: lying.

Once in science, Liam began his explanatory note. He had to force himself nit to wince as he spun the lie. And even as he wrote, he decided the explanation was too straightforward and crumbled it up, starting again. The note he gave Harry was strange and cryptic, but Harry would understand. He had always been quick to comprehend things lije this.

You know that I've been questioning some things lately, right?

Harry shook his head at the note. Of course he knew that Liam had been rethinking things lately. Mostly his sexuality, but some other things as well. Harry, being gay himself, had helped Liam through it, but the poor boy was still so confused.

Yeah, I know that. Remember that I'm here for you.

Liam bit his lip. He hated lying to Harry, who had helped him through so much. He hated not being able to tell him what was really going on. He didn't know how Niall could lie to so many people everyday about being fine. It wasn't a talent of Liam s.

I kissed him.

It was the worst kind of lie, The kind that was so very believable, but would unavoidably come crashing down around him. The kind of lie Harry would believe in an instant, but would never be confirmed. And Harry didn't take well to being lied to.

For the rest of class, Harry was too stunned to respond. This was the kind of thing he needed to talk to Liam aboit in person, not over slips of torn notebook paper stealthily snuck between them while they we're supposed to be paying attention.

As soon as class was over, Harry rushed out, grabbing Liam by the atm. They needed to talk.

"What happened?" Harry exclaimed as Liam sorted through his locker.

Liam shrugged. "It seemed right in the moment."

Harry watched Liam, wondering what had really happened. Was this Niall boy the infamous person Liam had had a crush on for months? But Liam hadn't seemed to know the boys name. What was really going on here?

"Did he kiss you back?" Harry asked rather bluntly. Liam hesitated for a second before nodding. Harry's eyes widened in surprise. What was really going on between these two?

"I invited him over to talk." Liam said. Harry had, of course, heard that lart of the conversation. He knew that. But there was still a matter that he had yet to clear up.

"And what about me?" Harry asked as they walked into the math classroom. He hated to be selfish, but he really did hate being alone. And from what he could tell, Liam was planning on withdrawing his constant invitation and leaving him to fend for himself.

Liam cursed. Harry stared in shock. Liam never cursed. "Sorry mate, But can you please find somewhere else to hang out? Just for the day?I really need to talk to him."

Harry but his lip. Just the thought if his empty house made him want to cry. But Liam did need to talk to this boy, to sort things throigh. Harry remembered the first boy He had kissed. He had run away and they hadn't talked since. It had broken Harry's heart, and was the reason he refused to come out as gay.

"Yeah Liam. I'll just go to the park or something." Harry agreed. The park, at the very least, had people. Not people Harry could talk to, but he wouldn't be alone. That would make him feel a little better.

Liam looked so guilty. "Are you sure? I know you hate being lonely."

"He could cone to my house if he wants to." A foreign voice offered. Harry looked up to see a short boy, who was quite frankly very beautiful. Bright blue eyes, fluffy brown hair, a beautiful smile. Harry found himself speechless in the boys presence as he explained.

"I'm Nialls best friend Louis. He told me that you kissed, and that you two really need to talk it out. And I heard you guys talking and I figured I f2f ould help everyone out." The boy- Louis- shrugged as thoigh it was no big deal to invite over a stranger for a friend's sake. Liam looked like he wasnt about to let Harry go home with the random Louis boy, But Harry had different plans.

"Yeha, that would work. Then when you two are done talking, Louis can drop me off at your house and pick up Niall." Harry gave Liam a pointed look. The message was obvious. Don't you dare contradict me.

Liam hesitantly nodded, but probably inly because he felt guilty about leaving Harry aline. Then he looked over at Niall, who was sitting in the corner of the room, reading a book. He had been completely left out of the conversation, but Liam could tell he had been listening. He wanted to go over and hug him, but Louis and Harry both seemed to think they had kissed and would be confused if they randomly hugged. He would have to wait.

Niall, on the other hand, was trying not to cry. He hated not being involved in conversations. It hurt, badly, that nobody thought he was worth including. He had of course, been listening, and knee what was going on, but it bothered him the conversation had happened without him. He knew he didn't deserve a say in the matter, but he wished they wluld have asked. But the note on his desk, was simply amusing.

I got Harry to agree to vone over. Take your time with Liam.

Niall didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

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