Chapter Three-A Rude Interruption

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Niall put his things onto his locker in the locker room, But didn't put on his gym clothes. He had a long sleeve shirt in his backpack that he coyld wear under the outfit, but changing shirts would tear at the scabs. He preferred not to dress out if he could help it.

He walked sheepishly into the coach's office, pulling down on his sleeves. It was a nervous habit he had developed after hiding the bandages for so long.

"Niall Horan. Why am I not surprised?"The coach's voice echoed through the small room.

"Sorry sir. I'm not feeling too well." Niall wasn't exactly lying. His stomach was churning. But he always felt sick lately.

The coach looked up from whatever he was working on. "Are you okay Niall? You seem to be sick a lot in this class."

Niall pulled down on his sleeves uncomfortably. He had been hoping the coach wouldn't notice. He had actually forced himself to throw up in this class often enough that the coach knew better than to tell him to deal with it. But That didn't stop the coach from getting suspicious when he claimed to be ill as often as Niall did.

"I'm sorry sir." Was all Niall could think to say. What exactly were you supposed to say when you get accused of being sick too often?

The coach set down his pen. "Whats wrong Niall? I've seen you run and your a great runner. You aren't too shabby at any of the games I have you play. But you avoid dressing out like the plague. Is it really That bad Niall?"

This, needless to say, Was a tough topic for Niall. He put his hands in the pockets of his hoodie so he could hold his sleeves down without the coach noticing.

"I just don't like dressing out sir. I'd be happy to do the workouts in my normal clothes." Niall, once again, was not lying. He was just concealing the truth. Most gym teachers would have been fully content to send Niall running in his average clothes, but his coach was a bit more suspicious.

"Is there a reason you're wearing a hoodie Niall? Its awfully warm in here." The coach commented, completly changing track. Niall gripped his sleeves tighter inside the jacket pocket.

"I already said I'm not feeling well sir. Perhaps I'm feverish and that's why I'm so cold." Niall made up an excellent excuse on the spot. Though it wasn't really in the spot. He had told the coach that very excuse countless times as an explanation for wearing long sleeves with his work out clothes.

The coach narrowed his eyes. "You've said that countless times Niall." He reached up and placed a hand on Nialls forehead. "But you don't seem to be running a temperature."

Niall shrugged, pulling away from his coach's touch. He had known he wouldn't be running a tempurature. He wasn't actually sick and he knew it. It was just the thought if how ugly, now worthless, how pathetic he was that was upsetting his stomach."I'm sorry sir. I don't know why I'm cold then."

The coach was still looking at him suspiciously. "Why don't you take It off Niall. Just for a bit. It's plenty warm in here." He suggested.

Niall shook his head. "I'm sorry coach, but I'd really rather not." He was panicking, wishing he had cut somewhere that would be concealed by a t-shirt. But at the same time, he was loving the attention. He was loving That some one was actually taking the time to care, The time to ask. This was what he had wanted, ever since he had started cutting. For soneone to prove him wrong, to show him He really is worth something. But no one had noticed. And that had only forced Niall down farther into the inescapable, bottomless pit known as depression.

"Niall, if you don't take off the hoodie, I will send you to the office for not dressing out." Niall knew that refusing to take off the hoodie was only making the coach more suspicious. But he also knew that he would have refused to take off the jacket even if it wasn't concealing bloodied bandages. He was ashamed of his body, of how pale and fat he was. He hated revealing even the tiniest bit of skin, especially to adults who would judge them with their cold hard stares. He didn't know if going to the office would make things any better, but it certainly couldn't make things worse. He had no intention of taking off the hoodie.

He looked at the coach with a blank stare that made it clear he wasn't about to take the jacket off. Then the coach did something Niall didn't expect. He stood up, and catching Niall off guard, managed to pull the worn out hoodie over the blonde boys head. Niall struggled, holding to the sleeves, but the coach had played sports for too long to fail at this task. It took him a moment, but Niall was soon standing shirtless in the coaches office, his white bandages stained with red blood as his scabs tore open from the coach's rough removal of the jacket. The pain caused tears to come to Nialls eyes, but he blinked them away.

"Niall-" The coach began, but his sentence was cut off as his office door was slammed open and none other than Liam Payne stormed into the office.

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