Chapter 21

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Chapter dedicated to ihateyou55 because she was brave enough to ask, and because I'm pretty sure her background on her account has a Shawn Mendes quote. But the real question is who does she hate?

The morning was bright and sunny, the rays of bright light reflecting off the beach and though the window, finally coming to a rest shining on his eyes. With a barely audible mumble and a slight sigh, Niall was pulled into the world. For half a moment, everything was perfect, everything was nice, everything was okay. It was just another nice sunny morning and he would go meet Louis at his house with a smile on his face. But then he felt the slight sting on his ankles and the event of the night before came rushing back to him. All at once the pressure that constantly sat on his chest returned and he sat up slowly, knowing he wouldn't be able to return to sleep. He peeled off the socks he was wearing, grimacing as it pulled off some of the fresh scabs. The socks were covered in dried blood and when he stood, He saw that the carpet was as well. He couldn't let Liam see this.

The socks were insalvageable, He had dealt with enough blood stains to know that. Nevertheless, he scrubbed them with ice cold water until his hands were red and numb from the cold. The socks still had visibly pink spots, and he certainly would never wear them again, but they wouldnt call attention to themselves tucked inconspicuously in the waste basket.

Now for the carpet. The blonde had dried, and his socks had already proven that the stains weren't about to come out. Glancing at the clock, he saw it was already late morning, and he was running out of time. He felt almost like a murderer when he pulled the rug across the floor to cover the blood stain. Liam had never been I'm the room, He would never know the difference.

He rinsed the razor blade under the sink and tucked it in his pocket where Liam wouldn't find it. Looking around the room, you wouldn't be able to tell he had cut, and Niall smiled at the thought. He needed to be more careful, he knew as much. But he had managed to clean things up. And now all there was left to do was pull on some thick cotton socks and head downstairs to face the day. Which is exactly what Niall did. He pulled on some socks to cover the scabs and walked down the stairs with confidence.

The confidence broke when he reached the bottom of the stairs.

Every where, on every wall and surface, were notes. Some were written right on the walls, others were written on sticky notes or paper and stuck there. A thousand notes, and Niall only had to read a few to know that every single one of them spoke of his beauty. He couldn't take in the sight in front of him. What had Liam done?

Speaking of Liam, the boy himself walked out of the kitchen at that moment. He had bags under his eyes as though he had hardly slept, but he was grinning from ear to ear. The first thing he dis when he saw Niall was pull him into a hug.

"Did you sleep well? How are you feeling?" He asked the blonde boy as he pulled away.

Niall looked around him at all the notes. "What's all this?' He asked, rather than answering the question.

Liam smiled even wider. "This trip is all about you and I wanted to remind you how perfect You are."

Niall immediately felt guilty for the cuts on his ankles. Liam truly thought that Niall was beautiful, That much was obvious now. And Liam didn't deserve to be lied to. But Liam did deserve to think that His efforts were working, so Niall plastered on a smile.

Liam was also reeling guilty. He told Niall that the messages of his beauty had been for Nialls sake. But in truth, Liam had written all the messages last night in an attempt to figure out his own feelings. If Niall had lo ok ed any closer, He may have noticed that the notes not only spoke of his beauty, but showed a genuinely deep affection. Liam wasn't sure if he had a crush on Niall, but he was beginning to realize that his affections ran a lot deeper than he had at first anticipated. He was trying not to think too much past that, for Nialls sake.

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