Chapter 24

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Niall woke from a restless sleep with only one thing on his mind. He didn't mean any of it.

Last night had been perfect. But it had also been a lie. Niall tried not to let him cry over the truth, but sometimes a perfect world shattering hurts more than a broken world ever could. His wrists itched, and they weren't covered. For the first time in almost a week, he could cut. He just needed to find a razor.

He untangled himself from Liam, standing up from the couch where they had fallen asleep. He was about to head upstairs when a voice stopped him.

"Please don't." The voice was unfamiliar, and Niall turned to see the infamous curls of none other than Harry Styles. "It breaks Liam s heart."

Niall looked over at him silently, unconvinced, so the curly haired boy continued.

"He cares about you a lot Niall. He hates it when you hurt yourself." Niall didn't know where Harry was getting his information, but he was Liam s best friend, so he may have been telling the truth. But the truth didn't make his wrists stop itching for a blade.

There was a sympathetic look on Harry's face and he patted Niall on the shoulder. "Come on, let's go somewhere else to talk so we don't wake up Liam."

Niall raised an eyebrow. "And if I don't want to talk?"

Honestly, Niall really didn't want to talk to Harry, and he definitely did not want to talk to the boy about Liam. There were a hundred thousand things he would rather do, and among them were things such as imprisonment and torture.

"I'm not going to let you hurt yourself Niall. It would break Liam s heart." Harry insisted, pushing Niall gently out of the room.

"He deserves it. He broke mine." Niall muttered, his voice barely audible. Harry was almost certain he wasn't supposed to hear that, but he did, and his eyes went wide.

"What was that Niall?" He looked down at the boy who was a great deal shorter than him to see that Niall was trembling like a leaf in the wind.

"He didn't mean a word of it. Not a second." Niall muttered, trying to take a deep breath. Harry rubbed his back, trying to be calming.

"Hey, it's okay Niall. I know Liam really well, why don't you tell me what's bothering you?" He requested. Niall was calming down a bit, or at least it looked like he was. Harry was blissfully unaware of the vile comments Niall was directing towards himself within his own brain.

"Last night was perfect. But Liam didn't mean a word of it." Niall took a deep breath and looked at Harry. "I'm sorry for being such a baby about it, I should have realized it last night."

Harry gave him a sympathetic smile. "No, it's alright, you deserved to enjoy last night. So you like Liam?"

Niall frowned at the ground, trying to ignore the comments His head was throwing at him.

He doesn't mean that. He just wants you to spill your secrets so he can go running off with them and tell them to the entire school. He's going to be disgusted. Why do you think he's even talking to someone as worthless as you? It has to be to get a story So he can make fun of you even more. I bet that's what Liam is doing too. He's going to tell everyone about how stupid and in love you acted on your 'date' and it will get out that you're gay and you'll never live this down.

"Hello? Are you okay mate?" Harry asked, waving his hand in front of Nialls face.

Niall snapped out of his trance and nodded. "I'm fine. And yes."

He hoped against hope that if he told Harry that the voices would quit telling him how bad of an idea it was, maybe they would just shut up. But they weren't really voices, they weren't really monsters, they were Nialls own thoughts and he was struggling to fight against them.

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