Chapter 20

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Liam blinked several times and rubbed his eyes, as if maybe the sleep clinging to his eyelids had created an illusion and the scene in front of him was not really happening.

He watched as Niall and the girl pulled apart to look at him. The girl was blonde, pretty, not Liam s type and definitely not Nialls type. She wasn't even the right gender for Niall to kiss her. So why had they been kissing?

"You're pretty good at that." The girl smirked at Niall. It was clear the blonde boy was a bit uncomfortable, and he kept looking over at Liam. There was still blood staining his pant leg, but he was standing normally, so it couldn't have been hurting him too badly. But why had he been kissing the girl.

"Niall is gay." Liam stated simply, tossing his bag on the couch. He didn't know why he was so annoyed that the two of them had been kissing. He was probably attracted to the girl and getting jealous of Niall, He decided.

The girl scoffed and gestured at Niall. "Him? I hate to break it to you, but Niall here is as straight as they come."

Liam couldn't tell you why that statement bothered him so much, But it made his blood boil. He looked the girl straight in the eye and raised an eyebrow. "If he's so straight, Why is he dating me?"

The girl visibly paled, but she continued to act confident. "You two aren't dating."

Liam raised his eyebrow again and pulled Niall into his arms, crashing his lips against the younger boy's with just as much, If not more passion as The girl had before. He felt Niall tense, then hesitantly kiss him back. He didn't know what he was doing, he shouldn't be kissing Niall, He was straight. But he couldn't deny the fact that Nialls lips felt nice against his own. In fact, they almost felt right, as though they were meant to be there. Before he let his thoughts go any further, He gently pulled away from Niall. The blonde boys once pale face had turned red with embarrassment. The girl standing on the other side of the room was watching, and her face was red as well.

"Why did you kiss me then Niall?" She asked, obviously fuming. "You cheated on your boyfriend and you took advantage of me. I really couldn't think of a more jerk move."

With those harsh words, Ariel left the building, not even asking for the payment she had insisted Niall provide. The entire house was filled with an eerie silence, and Liam could distinctly hear Nialls breaths as he softly inhaled and exhaled. He didn't know what to say. They had kissed. What was he supposed to say?

"I'm tired Liam," Niall suddenly spoke up, his voice soft, almost a whisper. "I'm going to take my stuff upstairs and go to bed."

Liam didn't know what else to do But agree. He opened his mouth to offer to help, but the words died on his tongue in the tense awkward silence that ensued. He watched Niall climb the stairs, his duffel bag slung over his shoulder and he knew he should say something. He knew silence was the worst option here, But he couldn't seem to push any words past his lips. And so he watched Niall retreat in silence. And once Niall was gone, he continued staring at the stairs for several minutes.

Once he snapped out of his trance, He took a deep breath. He didn't know why he had done what he he done and he didn't know what To do now. He needed advice. So he pulled out his phone and took a seat in the couch. Harry would know what To do.

I'm confused.

From: Harry
Can it wait? I'm with Louis.

I kissed Niall

From: Harry

From Harry

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