Chapter 18

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Niall couldn't believe his fortune. His mother was not only letting him off the hook, she was letting him have the rest of the week off from school to go on vacation. He was leaning against the doorframe, watching Liam pack his things. The boy in front of him was beautiful, his brow burrowing slightly in the most adorable way when he couldn't find what he was looking for. A smile came to Nialls own face at the sight. He would get to spend a whole weekend watching Liam.

Liam turned and saw him smiling, his face lighting up at the sight. Nialls smile was beautiful, and he hadn't seen it near enough. "What are you thinking about?" He asked, keeping his voice to a low whisper, as if speaking too loudly would break whatever trance that had made Niall smile.

"You." The blonde boy whispered, Before realizing what he was saying. His face heated up and he stared at the ground. "Shoes. I meant shoes." His smile wasn't there any more, and Liam found that Nialls slip up didn't bother him. He actually found it sweet that he made Niall smile. What really upset him was that Nialls smile had faded.

"Hey," he spoke softly, lifting Nialls chin to look into his eyes. "Don't be sad. It's okay."

Niall pulled away and stared at the ground. He bit his lip, knowing he had messed up. Liam was straight, He had said so himself several times, and even if he wasn't straight, He wouldn't have dated someone like Niall. He vouldnt keep thinking about Liam, not in the way he had jist been thinking about him. Even if Liam was the only one who could put a smile on his face, they could never be more than friends. The thought hurt him, and he instinctively grabbed at his wrists. Liam, of course, noticed this action and took Nialls hands in his own.

"It's going to be okay Niall." He repeated. "We're going to go to the beach, and we're going to talk, and Niall, I'm going to get to know you, the real you. I'm going you hug you and I'm going make sure you never hurt yourself again. I'm going to make you feel loved, and you're going to be okay. And just know Niall, that I will nevwr judge you for anything you say, or anything you feel. I want to know who you really are, and I want you to open up to me. So don't ever feel like there's something you can't say in front of me."

Someone cleared their throat from the hallway. Liam and Niall turned to see Louis, their cheeks flushing. He raised an eyebrow at the two of them.

"As much as I ship Niam, don't you have a boyfriend Niall?" He asked. Niall pulled his hands away from Liam. He shrugged, noncommittal. He didn't really have a boyfriend, but he had claimed to be out on a date. Louis gave him a skeptical look, But shrugged. "Alright fine. Anyways, what is this that I hear about a trip?"

Niall stared awkwardly at the ground, not wanting to hurt Louis' feelings with the truth. Liam bit his lip, But spoke up. "Nials mom thinks he's jist confused, so she's sending him to the beach with me so we cam hook up with some girls."

Louis raised an eyebrow. "Or each other." He pointed out.

"I'm straight." Liam claimed automatically. It almost seemed as if the words had become more habit than truth.

"You keep saying that." Louis said with tangible skepticism.

Liam groaned. "Harry's got you convinced, hasn't he?"

Niall normally would have responded with a joke of some sort. Something about Louis and Harry being so in love that they told each other every thing. But his stomach hurt more wuth each word spoken, and he couldn't find it within himself to crack a joke. Maybe on some level He processed the reason why Liam s claims of being straight hurt him, but he hated dealing with his feelings and would push them away rather than dealing with them. So the feeling never got analyzed and he never found any meaning behind it.

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