Chapter 39 The pink bubble

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"Would you stop staring at Sean like you're a police on a stakeout act?" Sandra snapped and I tore my gaze from his table with brutal force. "I thought we've already decided that it's over and done with."

"I still can't see why you can't give him a chance," Carmen said. "You're obviously very much into him, and he told you he likes you too. I don't know why you insist on torturing him."

Sandra scowled at Carmen as if she just said something stupid like crochet sweaters are appealing. "He's a cruel guy who'll hurt her again."

Carmen shrugged. "I think any guy sweet enough to spend 500 dollars on his kid sister's surprise party deserves a second chance."

"He didn't spend 500 dollars," I corrected. "I saved him loads by begging people to help out, and I told him the cake costs 90 dollars when it's in fact nine hundred." Sean had no idea how much a customized cake with a Linda figurine dressed up in snowflakes would cost, and I kindly informed him that I lost the receipt.

Sandra shook her blond head in disgust. "Your love sickness is making me lose my appetite."

Ha. Like she had any appetite to begin with. Being around Sandra always made me feel anorexic.

"Hey, I just thought of a new revenge plan," Sandra said. "You should go out with Dylan or Jake. That will drive him mad."

Carmen and I both glared at her.

"Relax, I was kidding," Sandra said. "Just wanted to take your mind off him. Besides, I'm sure they have some kind of brocode."

"I'm so over getting revenge," I said irritably. "I just want to get over Sean in peace. I've already survived not talking to him for a week, and Sean is looking less hot by the minute. I think--"

Carmen kicked me under the table, and I looked up to see the devil himself casually appearing beside us, looking so hot he could have just stepped out from a pool of lava. He pulled out a chair and joined us with the same ease that my dad pulled his car into his designated parking space every morning.

"We weren't talking about you or anything," I blurted defensively, and immediately wished I had let Sandra do the talking.

He raised his eyebrows in irritating amusement. "Of course."

He said his greetings and comfortably ate all my fries off my lunch tray. I was nervous and agitated with him sitting beside me, but we all acted as amicable as a group of old people playing bridge.

Sean seemed...different. Like he wasn't afraid of me being mad at him anymore. He certainly wasn't at all confused or hurt like our last encounter as he casually said, "Are you done with lunch? I want to go to history class together."

I was, in fact, very much done but I didn't want to make it easy for him. "I don't need you to walk me like you're my guide dog or something."

He smiled, completely not offended. "Oh, I know you don't need me. But I need you."

I scoffed. "You need me? For what? Fashion advice?"

I snuck a peek at Sean, who had the top two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. I could glimpse a little bit of his skin beneath his collar and I flicked back my eyes hastily. The only fashion advice I could ever give Sean was probably to wear nothing.

"I need you to walk with me because history is my favorite time of day."

"I thought AP chemistry is your favorite subject this semester," I said. "You get to compare notes with Nicholas and exchange smart people talk."

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