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Thank you for stumbling across my story and hopefully you will enjoy it enough to stay. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

This is an average high school love story and not a Hemingway, but I try to make it less predictable and as realistic as possible. Hopefully it's not dramatic to the point of eye-rolling.

What you won't find: werewolves, vampires, magic powers (unless flirting and kissing count), the bad boy with a heart of gold, plots such as the following:

a. the most popular boy in school for some reason falls for the nobody

b. realizing the best friend is the one all along at the last chapter

c. evil blond cheerleader ex-girlfriend out to get the heroine at every turn...

d. two people pretending to hate each other and finally declaring their love at the final chapter

e. the intimate moment between the two main characters is always interrupted at the worst time

(However, I have nothing against the things I mentioned and I've enjoyed watching movies like that)

Well, in my case there is an evil blond head-cheerleader, but she is the best friend and actually not that evil. In fact, no one is purely bad in this story; they all have their flaws, but they try their best.

I want to write something like 500 days of summer. Falling in love is easy, but staying together takes a lot of wisdom, effort and practice

There will be more descriptive, background story in the beginning but the pace will pick up soon. If you have a preconceived notion about how a high school love story should go, you're going to be hugely disappointed and frustrated. 

This is not a romance book. This is a story about relationships. I did not write this story to create a perfect ship and I do not agree with a lot of things my characters do and feel. That said, many lovely readers told me that this was the most realistic story on relationships they'd read and some commented on how uncannily similar it was to their own relationships and how much they'd learned from it, so if you keep an open mind, you just might like it :)

I hope you enjoy!!

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