Chapter 33 The candy floss

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"I found the perfect solution to your question," I said to Sean after we sat down at the student's lounge, which had quickly become a popular hangout for us. It wasn't exactly doing wonders for my image as a cool kid, but I was willing to let it pass. At least I was seen with another cool kid.

"Which question is that?"

"How to keep this a secret with a hundred people involved," I replied. "By the way, I narrowed it down to 75, but that's it."

I clicked on the laptop he brought over and typed in a link. "This is a private link which logs on to this amazing webpage. I sent this link via e-mail to the people I invited, and only they can see the website."

I explained as I demonstrated. "Look, at first a terms of agreement will pop up, and by clicking on the box below, you've agreed to keep this party a total secret and swear not to bring anything forbidden, or else Sandra Jenkins will personally haunt you down and do what is necessary to you." I laughed proudly.

"You did this yourself?" The amazement was transparent in his voice. At that moment I wished wholeheartedly that the answer was yes so he would be proud of me.

"No, of course not," I said. "Do you know Randy Muller from the computer club? He's really brilliant. Look at how fancy this is!" I scrolled down the page and showed him what Randy had created. There was a home page telling people what the party was for, lists of volunteer jobs and items we needed, spaces for messages and for picture upload. "When this party is over I'll show this to Linda so she can see all the photos and birthday wishes. Anyway, this party really opens my mind and forces me to interact with people. I never thought I'd say this before, but guys who are good with computers are kind of hot. He's so smart the way he types away with just a few clicks, and voila!"

"This is really amazing, but I know how to build a webpage too," he said quietly. "I wish you had asked me instead."

Of course he knew how, I realized, although it had completely escaped my mind earlier. There was nothing remotely nerdy Sean couldn't do.

I nudged him playfully. "Did I just sense a little bit of jealousy there? You don't like me saying some other guy is smart?"

"No, I'm just saying I can help out more. I feel like you're doing all the work."

"You did most of the work in our history project too." I laughed. "I just write all the unnecessary corny lines. It's okay."

"And you're being a really good sport about it too," he said. "You include me in everything although I'm of no help. Makes me ashamed about the way I treated you for the presentation. I want to apologize if I ever made you feel like you're inferior or anything because you're a great partner." He stared at me straight as he said it, his wonderful blue eyes slowly drilling a hole in me.

"Oh, you're just mocking me." I waved him off giggling. My cheeks were starting to burn. He always knew how to make me shy! "I didn't do all that much either. I just know how to boss people around. Besides, you're the coordinator. There will be a lot to double check on the day of the party, and you're the only one I can trust, so don't even start thinking there's no job for you."

"Of course. Just let me know if I can help with anything."

"I'm going to need you Saturday afternoon, but other than that, I've got pretty much everything under control," I said. "You'd be shocked at how willing people are to help out. Every time I post something on the webpage, someone eagerly grabs it. People are bringing food and lots of free supplies. It's like one big project which everyone's participating in, and they love to contribute, you know?" I had come to know a lot of great people, and if I weren't already the most popular girl at school, now I definitely was. Party planning was so much fun!

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