Chapter 42 The lake and the strawberries

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Flora dug out her phone and said, "Can I tell everyone that we are back together?"

Why wasn't I surprised that this was happening again? Her phone knew more about her than I did. I didn't mind her labelling me, unlike the way Jake freaked out over being "marked", but it was the way Flora addressed issues like these that worried me.

"Yes, but do you have to do it now?" I said reluctantly. Getting back together meant different things to us. I thought it was something precious. She treated it like gossip.

I wasn't normally like this, but Flora just had this power to make me question everything about myself. Was I cool, interesting, special enough for her? Would I be able to hold her attention this time?

"I can't hold in something this big!" she exclaimed. "I'm too excited I'm going to burst like a blowfish."

"Flora, there's something I want to talk to you about."

"Wait. Smile!" She held her phone up and before I even realized what happened, she had taken a photo of us together while she planted a kiss on my cheek. She pulled away immediately and she was back into the arms of her iPhone.

"Is that going public too?"

She nodded, typing away on her cellphone fast. A smile played at her lips.

"Can I at least check how I look? I need to make sure my hair looks fine." I just wanted to redirect her attention back to me.

Flora smiled and showed me the photo. "You look how you always look. Perfect. You are so cute it's outrageous."

I didn't look perfect. I looked startled and confused, which was pretty accurate. Even her 8MP iSight camera was more perceptive than she was.

I waited while she posted on whatever social media she thought was necessary, or maybe all eight of them. When she was finished she had completely forgotten my attempt of conversation. She checked the time and gasped.

"It's past noon! We are totally behind schedule," she announced, jumping up and grabbing me. "Hurry hurry. We have to get to the next stop."

I stifled a sigh. Her batteries would run out eventually, right? Even iPhones needed recharging. Maybe when she calmed down, she would have enough patience to listen to me.


The next stop was a pristine lake. I had no idea why Flora knew of these places, but her knowledge of recluse locations beat Lonely Planet. After she parked her car she suggested we walked around the whole lake, which was supposed to be an easy hike.

I knew she planned this for my sake too. I liked hiking, and the view was glorious. It would have been peaceful and amazing if her phone didn't ring every thirty seconds.

"Who gets so many phone calls on a Saturday?" I complained. "It's as if you run your own newsroom."

"Well, I am news itself," she explained. "And my 900 friends want to congratulate me on my new found love."

I exhaled. "Your new found love is right here and he wants to talk to you too."

"Yes, but..." Her phone rang again. "This one I have to take. It's Sandy."

I let her talk as I followed behind her on the hiking trail. Could I confiscate her phone after being together for less than one hour? She knew I was bossy and demanding. Maybe she would let me.

"...he's going to be mad but...I don't care...he won't...I'm going to tell him..."

Snippets of her conversation drifted by me and I couldn't help but hear some very puzzling phrases.

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