Chapter 34 The perfect moment

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Flora asked me to run some errands with her on the weekend, and we sat in her car going over some last details. Linda's birthday was next Friday but we were only having a small family celebration, and the party would take place on Saturday. Flora planned to take Linda shopping in the afternoon while I took charge of everything at home, and she had decided to run it by me one last time.

"We will start with some popular songs for the first hour, then the ceiling lights will dim and we light up the string lights and lanterns, and music will get louder. At roughly ten you can give a small speech, you know, thank everyone for coming, talk about how amazing I have been,---"

"Apologize to people for your bossiness," I interrupted.

"Yes, then we bring out the cake. This cake will blow your mind because this is the only thing I have custom made." She went on to describe every frivolous detail about the flavor, coloring and ornaments and I found myself spacing out. I pulled my attention back from her full lips and back to her words as she started going over the time schedule.

"At midnight, the power will be cut off and send the whole house in darkness for about two minutes, then when the lights come back on we will have Janet and her band on stage, and they will play one more hour until the party ends. How's that sound?"

"It sounds awesome, but I'm thinking maybe we can bring out the cake at eight and cut the power at ten? Then maybe we can send everyone home at eleven and finish cleaning up at midnight," I suggested.

"But that's so early!" Flora whined.

"We have lots of freshmen as you know. They might have a curfew."

"Fine." She pouted. "Although the whole point of blacking out is for it to occur at midnight, so that we have a Cinderella feel. You know, party ends at midnight. Except it doesn't. You know what I mean."

"Yes, and that's a really good idea too. But listen to me on this one?" Don't get mad.

"All right," she gave in with a defeated sigh.

"I have arranged transportation and parking spaces for everyone so Linda won't see so many cars parked out front when you guys come back. You can park your car in our driveway," I said.

"I can't believe I forgot about that! Thank god this party doesn't fall flat two seconds before the grand entrance," she gushed. "You are a lifesaver!"

"Didn't log on the internet last night?" I asked with a smile. "I posted on your fabulous little webpage. I'm not being sarcastic, by the way. It's very convenient to send out information."

"I know, right?" She smiled contently and leaned her head back, letting out a whoosh of breath. "Just one more week to go. I think everything's under control but I'm still very antsy about it. Everything has to be perfect. A party is not like your meticulous physics answer sheet; many things can go wrong," she warned. "If Linda's tears don't fall in three seconds, I'm going to kill you."

I laughed at how serious her expression was, like we were talking about brain surgery. She was always so cute like that. "Flora, it's just a party. We will have a good time nevertheless."

"It's not just a party, it's the party," she corrected sternly. "People will refer to it simply as The Party even after we graduate."

"Ok, ok. I'll make sure Linda cries. If she doesn't I'll pinch her."


Flora started the engine and drove towards my street. She said we had to visit all the neighbors and inform them of this event, and possibly invite them.

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