Chapter 31 The planning comittee

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Needless to say I was quite astonished when Sean asked me to co-chair a surprise party for Linda, but I saw the pure genius of it very soon.

What better way to start off high school with a bang than a kickass party? It's a surefire way to climb up the social ladder, make a name for oneself, and put behind whatever douche ex-boyfriends one used to have.

Sean came to the right person too. If there was one thing I knew besides fashion and spa treatments, it was parties. I had always wanted to throw one, but my apartment had a strict zero tolerance policy for noise, therefore I was forced to throw mini-scale sleepovers for my BFFs. I had been to enough parties to know what made them work though, and I was eager to put my knowledge to good use.

However, as the discussion with Sean went on, I started to see we had very different expectations.

"I'm going to throw Lindy the best birthday party ever! The kind of party that only exists in dreams and one wakes up sobbing over."

Sean was already starting to look apprehensive. "That's great, but I have some ground rules you should be aware of. I want a sweet beautiful party without booze and drugs, and no one having sex in my parents' bedroom. I also want no puking, crying or fist fights."

"You mean you want a lameass party where no one wants to go," I corrected.

"Any party can be fun when people are wasted and high," he reasoned, "but don't you think it takes real talent to throw one where everyone is sober? It'd be nice if people can remember to tell it the next day."

"You sound like you're challenging me. These days I'm all about challenges."

"It's not a challenge. I know you can do it."

I folded my arms across my chest. "If you want my help, then I'm going to be calling the shots here. I don't want you breathing down my neck and shaking your head like I'm a rich, spoiled girl with my head up in the clouds."

"I hope that's not what you think of me. I just want to step on the brakes a little in case things get out of hand."

"You're allowed to voice your opinion once in a while," I said graciously, "if you raise your hand first and ask in a nice polite way."

"This is already starting to sound like a bad idea."

"Look, do you want my help or not?" I frowned.

"I do. I do. But maybe I should let you know my budget first."

"Budget?" That's one word I really hated, along with garage sale, secondhand clothes and economy class, but I didn't want Sean to think I was flaunting money in his face. "Okay, how much are you willing to spend?"

"Do you think we can keep it under five hundred bucks? That's all I have. Anything more than that I'd have to ask my parents to chip in."

"Five hundred? I can probably drink five hundred dollars' worth of champagne on my own."

"Yeah, but since we're not serving alcohol, I thought we could save some money."

"But a good DJ costs at least a hundred per hour, plus we have to hire a caterer, and decorations can be expensive too..." I trailed off seeing the expression on his face. "Dear god, you're not thinking about just opening a few bags of tortilla chips and playing music from your iPod, are you?"

His silence proved me right. I couldn't believe this. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory could probably throw a better party than Sean ever could. "With all due respect, what are you going to attract people with? Your charisma? I think maybe five girls will show up."

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